Individual stackable locker

These are individual lockers small format are superposable and stackable, allowing to arrange atypical spaces. Ideals to store small objects, they can be fixed to each other.

The doors are equipped with a 1-point cylinder lock and a reinforcement omega for high rigidity.

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Why trust Akaze?

For more than two decades, Akaze specializes in manufacturing and distribution metal furniture for professional professional. If you are looking for a individual metal locker, Trust Akaze. Our customers are fully satisfied with quality and of sustainability of our products. By choosing our individual lockers, you opt for both solid and secure furniture, available in a range 17 different colours.

What is a superposable individual locker for?

One recorder superposable individual is a storage cabinet practical and versatile which offers many advantages. It is mainly used to optimize the'storage space in various rooms of the house, but it is also commonly used in offices, schools, gymnasiums and other public spaces.

One recorder superposable individual is usually composed of several compartmentsdrawers or lockers who allow storage and easily organize a wide variety of objects. It can be made from different materials such as solid woodpineoakteck, metal epoxywood-whitemelamine or even bamboo, and it is available in many colour to adapt to all interior decoration styles.

This guy storage cabinet is extremely functional because it offers many possibilities of use. If you are looking for a monobloc cabinet with several lockers, our locker cabinet will be ideal for you.

In the environments public such as gymnasiums or vestiaires, these lockers individual are often equipped with cadenas to ensure the security of personal property.

What are the advantages of the individual metal locker?

The recorder individual is an essential element in many environments such as schools, sports centres, businesses industry, and many more. It offers many advantages and facilities for the storage of the personal effects.

  • First of all recorder individual allows to secure the personal affairs individuals. Indeed, each recorder is equipped with lock which offers protection optimal against theft. The locks can be different types such as locks key locks code, or even locks electronics. This increased security allows users to store their value objects in peace.
  • In addition lockers individuals offer great modularity and flexibility. They can be used for various types of storage such as clothes, shoes, backpacks, books supplies, and so on . The lockers can also be modified and adapted to the needs of users.
  • In addition lockers individual allows to optimize space effectively. They are designed to occupy a minimum space while offering a maximum of storage.
  • In addition lockers individual offer storage space personalized for each individual. Each person has their own recorder, facilitating the organization and management of personal affairs. Users can customize their recorder by adding hookspotatoeslabel holder, or even compartments additional. This allows for classify and find his things easily.
  • THE'aeration is also an important advantage lockers in particular wetlands or when storing scented items. The lockers are equipped with devices ventilation allowing optimum air circulation. This ventilation prevents unpleasant odors and helps maintain clean and fresh business.
  • I mean lockers individual aesthetics and fit perfectly in their environment. They are available in one broad range colours finishes, and styles.

How do I maintain his individual locker?

Maintain his recorder individual is important to ensure sustainability and to ensure the safety of your personal affairs. That you used metal case, one wardrobe or any other type of storage, here are some useful tips to take care of it:

  • First, it is important to regularly clean your recorder individual to avoid accumulation of dust and dirt. Use one cloth soft and not abrasive as well as an appropriate cleaning product for the material of your recorder, whether metal, wood or plastic.
  • Some wardrobes metallic can be coated with epoxy paint which is easy to clean and resistant to the corrosion.
  • For metal lockers, it is essential to regularly check the status of lockshinges and closures to make sure they work properly. If you find a problem, it is recommended to contact a professional to perform the necessary repairs.

To learn more about the maintenance of your metal locker, see our blog post on this.


  • Height: 350mm
  • Width: 500mm
  • Depth: 450mm

Standard equipment:

  • Label holder
  • Lock 1 point
  • Key closure or serial lock
  • 17 colors for choice without extra charge

Optional equipment:

  • Uncle
  • Other optional locks
  • Roof hair inclined

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