Furniture for workshops


Discover a wide range of metal furniture designed to cover all your daily storage needs in your workshop.


The metal workshop furniture offered by Akaze perfectly meets the needs and requirements of professional workspaces.

In this category you can discover our furniture for professional workshops, for all types of activities. Storage trolley, cabinet, established, tool service, shelving, computer furniture. Akaze proposes a response adapted to each profession. The workshop furniture akaze metallic meets all French and European security standards, and allows you to offer your users optimal conditions. Our furniture is ergonomic, offering a convenient layout with drawers and shelves for efficient storage. In addition, they are equipped with wheels for easy mobility. Discover our different ranges of storage furniture and furniture, designed to meet your specific needs.

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The advantages of metal furniture for workshops

Metal furniture that meets the technical and safe requirements of professional workshops.

The advantages of metal furniture for workshops

The metal workshop furniture allows to develop and arrange its workshop. In addition to having a large capacity with heavy loads, its practicality and adjustable features make its use very simple. Models and ergonomics, all our metal furniture benefit from a wide range of complementary equipment, as well as various finishes, to best meet your need for organizing your workshop. Their character modular offers optimal flexibility to create custom layout according to your specific needs and optimize workspace.

Incombustible, easy to maintain and time-resistant, are all qualities that allow metal furniture to be among the most durable furniture.

What types of furniture are essential to equip a workshop?

When you equip a workshop, several types of furniture are essential to optimize storage space and maintain your well-organized tools. Here are some examples of furniture for the workshop:

Workshop facility

A workshop establishment is a central element for any professional or passionate about DIY. It offers a solid and stable surface to perform precise work and maintain your tools within reach.

Workshop wall cabinet

Workshop wall cabinets are ideal for maximizing the use of vertical space. They offer practical storage for tools and small parts, thus freeing up space on the ground.

Workshop cabinets

Workshop cabinets are designed to store larger tools and equipment. They allow you to maintain your organized workspace by consolidating similar elements.

Workshop gearing

Workshop shelving is ideal for storing bulky or heavy objects. It offers you the ability to store your tools, materials and products in an efficient and accessible manner.

Workshop wagons

Workshop trolleys are convenient to easily move your tools and equipment from one place to another. They offer a mobile and versatile solution for better flexibility in your workspace.

Computer furniture

If you need a dedicated space for your computer equipment in your workshop, a specific computer cabinet will allow you to organize it optimally.

What are the important features to be taken into account when choosing furniture for a workshop?

When choosing furniture for your workshop, it is essential to take into account certain key features to meet your specific needs:

Storage space

Carefully assess the amount of storage space you need depending on your activity and the tools you frequently use. Opt for furniture offering enough space to keep your workshop well organized.

Robustness of furniture

Make sure that the furniture you choose is made with durable and durable materials, capable of supporting intensive use. This will ensure its longevity and capacity to support the weight of tools and equipment.

Security standards

Check whether furniture complies with European security standards, in order to guarantee a secure working environment. This is particularly important when handling chemicals or potentially hazardous tools.


Think about the dimensions of your workshop and make sure that the furniture you choose fits perfectly to the available space. This will allow you to optimize the use of each square centimetre of your workshop.

What are the quality criteria for the workshops in furniture?

When you're looking for furniture for your workshop, quality is essential to ensure its durability and long-term functionality. Here are some quality criteria to consider:

Robustness and long-term

Choose furniture made from quality materials, such as electrozing steel sheet and galvanized steel. These materials provide exceptional resistance and durability to meet the requirements of a workshop environment.

How to optimize workspace with adequate furniture in a workshop?

To optimize the workspace in your workshop, the use of adequate furniture is essential. Here are some tips to get there:

Wall panels

Wall cabinets are very convenient to optimize space. Consolidate your furniture on the side of the workshop to create a real storage space, thus releasing the central space for your activities.

What are the advantages of using specific furniture for different types of activities in a workshop?

The use of specific furniture offers many advantages for different activities in a workshop. Here are some examples:


Metal cabinets and fittings are ideal for a garage, as they offer a robust and convenient storage space for tools and automotive parts.

Office of Studies

The workshop cabinets are more suitable for workshops with a study office. They enable the efficient classification and organization of records and documents.

Other production workshops

The tools and tool carts are ideal for other production workshops. They offer practical mobility to carry tools and equipment where they are needed.

Are there any customization or furniture configuration options to meet the specific needs of a workshop?

You can customize your workshop furniture by choosing the color that best suits your environment. In addition, some types of furniture offer additional options to meet your specific needs. To learn more about customization options, we recommend contact our commercial service.

What are the safety standards to be taken into account when buying furniture for the workshops?

The workshop furniture we offer respects european security standards. You can therefore be assured to work in a safe environment that meets legal requirements.

What are the most durable and durable materials for workshop furniture?

The workshop furniture Akaze is realized from electrozing steel plate and galvanized steel. These materials are renowned for their durability, resistance and ability to support the conditions