• CAATCSWM 205 / H1990xL1000XP435
  • CAATCSWM 501 / H2000xL1020xD435
  • CARMAPB / H1990xL1000xD435
  • CARMAPB / H1990xL1000XP600

Metal workshop cabinet

Akaze metal workshop cabinets offer easy access to tools, they are ideal for keeping an organized and well-placed workstation.

Extremely solid and practical, they adapt to all environments.


We offer 6 metal workshop cabinet models, ranging from 1000 to 1200mm.

Discover our range workshop furniture.

Dimensions of the METALLIC workshop cabinet:

Width cabinets 1000mm

  • Height 1990mm
  • Width 1000mm
  • Depth 435mm

1020mm wide cabinet

  • Height 2000mm
  • Width 1020mm
  • Depth 435mm

Width cabinets 1200mm

  • Height 1990mm
  • Width 1200mm
  • Depth 435 or 600mm

Find all the dimensions of our 6 metal cabinet references in the downloadable documentation.

Standard equipment of the workshop cabinet :

  • 17 colors for choice without extra charge
  • Closure 2 points
  • Key lock

Optional equipment (depending on models):

  • Perforated sheet
  • Adjustable drawers or tablets every 25mm
  • Maximum load capacity of 60kg per shelf
  • Set of hooks
  • Possibility of fitting with very many metal belay boxes workshop

Why choose a workshop cabinet?

A metal workshop cabinet is a convenient choice to optimize the storage of your tools and equipment. Here are some reasons to choose a workshop cabinet:

  • Tool storage: It offers a dedicated storage space for your tools, allowing you to keep them organized and easily accessible.
  • Removable and fixed shelves: Workshop cabinets are equipped with removable and fixed shelves, which allows you to adapt the storage space according to your specific needs.
  • Screw storage: With specific compartments and drawers, the workshop cabinets offer convenient storage for the visserie and small parts, allowing you to find them easily when you need it.
  • Safe storage: The lockable doors of the workshop cabinets allow you to store your tools and equipment safely, thus avoiding unauthorized access.

The Akaze range

Akaze offers a complete range of workshop cabinets to meet your specific needs. Here are the 4 types of cabinets available:

  • Classic workshop cabinet with 4 adjustable shelves: This classic cabinet offers a spacious storage space with 4 adjustable shelves, allowing you to effectively organize your tools and equipment.
  • Classic workshop cabinet with 5 adjustable shelves: If you need more storage space, this classic cabinet with 5 adjustable shelves is ideal. You can adjust the shelves height to fit your specific needs.
  • Workshop cabinet equipped with support for 72 beak boxes: This cabinet is specially designed for the storage of screws and small parts. It is equipped with a support to suspend 72 beak boxes, offering a convenient and efficient storage system.
  • Workshop cabinet with 2 shelves, 2 drawers and a perforated partition: This versatile cabinet offers a combination of shelves, drawers and a perforated partition, allowing you to customize your storage space according to your specific needs.

Discover the full range of our range furniture for workshop.

How to choose its metal cabinet?

To choose the right metal workshop cabinet, it is important to understand your specific needs. Do you want to store tools, small hardware, hardware, hardware or folders? At Akaze, we have a wardrobe adapted to every need.

For personalized advice, don't hesitate to contact our sales team.

Safety standards for the workshop cabinet

All our Akaze workshop cabinets comply with European safety standards, ensuring a safe working environment that complies with legal requirements.

Resistance and durability of Akaze workshop metal cabinets

Our metal workshop cabinets are made from strong and robust materials, ensuring their strength and durability. However, to maintain the performance of your workshop cabinet, it is important to maintain it regularly. In case of damage, do not hesitate to contact us for appropriate assistance.

Customization of the workshop cabinet

To adapt to your work environment, our wardrobes are available in 17 different colors. You can choose the color that best suits your workshop.

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