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Refill cabinet Vigicube Bois

Store and load all types of electronic devices

Vigicube cabinets will allow your employees, customers or visitors, passionate about green mobility to safely store and recharge their electric scooter or electric bike battery. Each locker is equipped with a power socket. Users can also charge batteries from various devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.

Our Vigicube rechargeable cabinet is available with three different locks to choose from.

The cabinet is available 1 to 3 columns.

Discover our steel version cabinet and all our cargo furniture.


  • Height: 1800mm
  • Width: 400mm
  • Depth: 500mm

Standard equipment:

  • 1 taken per case 230V CE Standards
  • Circuit breaker CE standards and power outlet at the back of the cabinet
  • Colours on request

Optional equipment:

Characteristics of the charging cabinet

THE'vigicube charging cabinet wooden is an ideal solution for charging your electrical appliances safe and serenity. This wardrobe is equipped with a electronic code lock, which allows your users or employees to freely charge their device without having to worry about its security. In addition, the cabinet is made of wood, allowing it to easily integrate into your offices.

The Vigicube wooden cabinet is capable of charging all types of electrical appliances, including the smartphones laptops electric bike batteries, the external batteries and electric scooters. This charging station is equipped with several electrical sockets, which allows charging several devices simultaneously.

Benefits of charging cabinet

Here are some advantages of the Vigicube Wooden Refill Cabinet:


The cabinet is equipped with an electronic code lock, which allows you to protect your electrical appliances from the flight while charging your electrical appliances appareils.Vous also have the option of choosing another lock among: the key lock or locking door lock.


The cabinet is equipped with several electrical sockets, which allows charging several devices simultaneously. You can recharge all types of sockets as long as you have the adapter (Apple, Usb-c...). In addition, the cabinet retains its main utility which is to store personal affairs, in addition to charging you can store clothes, books, bags...


The cabinet is made of wood, allowing it to easily integrate into your offices. The vigicube cabinet also exists in steel version.

If you are looking for a solution that loads, practice and elegant to recharge your electrical appliances, charging cabinet Wooden Vigicube is the ideal solution for you.

How to use the recharge cabinet

  • The first step is to ensure that your batteries are rechargeable. Most scooters electric power equipped de rechargeable batteries lithium-ion, which offer load capacity high and one long duration life. Connect it charger in one domestic or use a charging cable suitable for connecting to the cabinet recharge.
  • The wardrobe recharge offer the possibility of recharge several batteries at a time, which is ideal if you have to recharge your smartphone or laptop at the same time as the scooter
  • The charging time varies according to various factors, such as battery capacityload level and the power of the cabinet recharge. It is generally recommended to leave them batteries to be recharge completely before using them again. Once batteries completely reloaded, you can remove them from the cabinet recharge and reinstall them on your electric scooter.

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