Metal cabinets for professionals

What is a metal locker?

Metal lockers have a secure locking system, such as a key lock, a lock or a combination lock, to ensure the safety of personal effects.

What is a metal locker?

One metal case is one storage cabinet monobloc, also known as metal dressingmetal cabinet or storage cabinet. It is mainly used in workspaces, schools, sports centres and other places requiring storage solutions for personal effects. That guy'wardrobe is mainly composed of metal plate, which gives it strength and strength sustainability.

The metal lockers are generally equipped with swinging doors or drawers, thus offering compartments individual for storage clothes, shoes, backpacks and other personal items.


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How to choose its metal locker?

It is also possible to find metal lockers combining wood and metal for a more modern and industrial design.

How to choose its metal locker?

When it comes to choosing a metal case, there are several elements to take into account to make sure to make the right choice. First, it is important to determine the intended use of recorder. Then it is necessary to define the size and the number of compartments necessary. Some metal lockers are monoblocs, that is, they are made of a single piece, while others are modulables and create different configurations by adding or removing compartments.

The robustness of the recorder is also an important criterion to consider. The metal lockers Akaze are made in metal solid steel, making it durable and durable. The style of metal case can also be taken into account when choosing. The metal lockers are available in one broad range colours and finishes passing through tints bolder like the'anthracite.

What are the locking options for metal lockers ?

ThelockersMetal are a popular choice forstorageAndsecurityOf theeffects personalIn various spaces such asvestiaires, businesses, schools, workplaces and sports facilities. These arelockers metallicOffer a convenient storage solution androbust, but it is essential to choose the right type oflockTo ensure the security of user property.

Key lock

One of the most common options oflocksForlockers metallicIslock key. ThislockWorks with a corresponding set of keys that can be distributed to users. ThelocksKeys provide basic security and are easy to use, but it is important to keep in mind that they require careful tracking of keys to avoid any loss or flight.

The code lock

Another popular option islock code. These arelocksAllow users to choose their owncombinationFor figureslockAnd unlock itrecorder. I 'm sorry . ThelocksCode offers the convenience of not requiring keys, but it is necessary to remember the code to access therecorder.

The lock at the mill

Mention should also be made oflocksTomonnayeur, often used inlockersDerecordInlocations publicSuch as stations or leisure centres. These arelocksAllow users to deposit a piece or token forlockTheirrecorder. Once the deposit has been made, therecorderIslockedAnd can only be unlocked when the deposit is recovered.

Locks for humid environments

Finally, for thelockersUsed inenvironmentsMorewetOr exposed to risksvandalism, there arelocksSpecialdesignedTo resist these conditions. These arelocksAre usually made ofsteel stainless steelOrcoveredOnepainting epoxy resistantTo thecorrosion.

What are the advantages of metal locker ?

A robust and durable furniture

The metal case is one storage cabinet versatile very popular in many sectors of activity such as industry, communities, offices or even vestiaires. It has many advantages that make it an ideal choice for meeting the needs of storage and user security. First of all, the solidity and the robustness of the metal case make it a particularly durable and durable furniture. Made of steel sheet, it offers a great resistance to steel shocks and constraints mechanical. This makes it a perfect choice for environments professional where furniture is often subject to use intense.

Modular according to your desires

Then, the metal case offers a vast range of configurations and sizes that meet all the needs of storage. It can be equipped withShelves, wardrobes or compartments on the basis of personal effects or objects to store. I 'm sorry . The lockers cloakrooms and metal cabinets can thus accommodate clothes of work, supplies, documents chemicals, tools, etc. Plus, the metal case offers great flexibility thanks to its modularity. He can be composed of several modules that assemble to form a wardrobe or vestiaire complete. This modularity makes it possible to adapt to space constraints and configure THE furniture according to the specific needs of each user

Infallible security

Another major advantage of metal case is its ability to ensure the safety of stored objects. The doors of lockers can be Equipped de locks, of cadenas or cylinders to lock efficient each compartment. This helps prevent theft, loss or unauthorized access. authorized to personal affairs or professional. The metal lockers are often used in vestiaires to guarantee the safety of effects personal users.

Gain place

Finally, the metal case offer a space gain no negligible thanks to its design vertical. I 'm sorry . The cabinets and lockers can be installed directly on the floor, attached to the wall or on feet. This variety of configurations allows to optimize the'space available and adapt to the architectural constraints of the different places. Des furniture storage versatile such as shelves or benches may also be integrated metal lockers for one use optimal space.

How metal lockers are used in different sectors. ?

Themetal lockersAre essential elements in different sectors, both in the professional and in the school or sports environment. TheiruseIsversatileAnd adapts to the needs ofeach sector. .


In the industrymetal lockersAre used asvestiairesFor workers. They offerstorage space secureForworking clothingAndpersonal effectsEmployees. These aremetal lockersAre often equipped withhinged doorsWithlocksCode or key guaranteeing the safety ofpersonal affairs. Some modelsmetal lockersAre also equipped withbenchesAndhooksTo facilitate the organization of clothing.


In the health sectormetal lockersAre used inhospitalsAnd clinics forstorageOf thepersonal effectsPatients and medical personnel. These arelockersAre generally equipped with severalcompartmentsTo enable onestorageOrganizedpersonal affairs. .


In the education sectormetal lockersAre indispensable in schoolscollegesAndhigh schools. They are used asvestiairesFor students, offering onestorage space secureFortheir affairs. I 'm sorry . Themetal lockersAre generally equipped withlocksCode or key to guarantee the safety ofpersonal effectsStudents.

Sports establishments

In the sports sectormetal lockersAre often used ingyms, swimming poolsOr football fields. They offerstorage spaceFor clothing, shoes andpersonal effectsSportsmen. Some modelsmetal lockersAre equipped withcompartmentsSpecial for wet ordirty, thus guaranteeing a better organization of the equipment.

Offices and communities