• Swivel wheels in diameter 100mm
  • Door equipped with a 2-point key lock
  • 4 corners equipped with rubber bumpers
  • Handles on both sides and cable storage
  • Sockets for charging 10 to 30 laptops

Secure laptop trolley

Stock safe and secure recharge until 30 laptops simultaneously!

The for computers with function recharge of batteries is ideal wherever there is a need to freely recharge, store and move computers safely: schools, libraries, conference rooms

The wagons are 230V, equipped with earth sockets and sequential connection system of devices. They also have a system now a low electric charge when running. The top part of the trolley is covered with a melamine panel with a thickness of 18mm.

CE certified product, discover all our cargo furniture.

Dimensions of safe carts for laptop:

1060mm high computer trolley

  • Height 1060mm
  • Width 920mm
  • Depth 500mm

1250 mm high computer cart

  • Height 1250mm
  • Width 530, 920 and 1310mm
  • Depth 500mm

Computer trolley of 1540mm height

  • Height 1540mm
  • Width 920mm
  • Depth 500mm

The options of the laptop trolley:

Nos wagons are equipped for use practical and secure. Powered by 230 V, they allow charging your computers with ease. The rubber bumpers placed in the 4 corners of the furniture offer additional protection against shocks and scratches, thus preserving the aesthetics and durability of the trolley.

In addition, each door is equipped with a 1-point key lock to secure access to computers at any time. You can have a quiet mind, knowing that your valuable equipment is in good hands.

Storage capacity, from 10 to 30 refillable computers simultaneously

Nos safe trucks for computers offer a wide range of storage capacity, from 10 to 30 computers. Whether you need a small trolley for a classroom or a more spacious model for a professional environment, we have the solution tailored to your specific needs. Simultaneous charging of devices allows fluid and efficient use, without waiting.

Compatibility of computers:

No need to worry about your compatibility computers with our wagons. They are designed to accommodate all models of common laptops. If you have any questions about them dimensions of lockers, our team is here to provide you with the necessary information.

Customization, express your style:

Home Akaze, we believe that your troll wagon should reflect the identity of your business or institution. That is why we offer you the option to choose from 17 different colors. Opt for a finish that matches your brand image or the atmosphere of your space.

Security above all:

The safety of your users and equipment is our priority. Nos carts for laptop are equipped with electrical overload and electrocution protections, as well as a design designed to reduce fire risk, in accordance with the european safety directive 2001/95. With Akaze, you have the assurance of a reliable and secure solution.

Trust in Akaze for your Secured Chariots

Nos secure refillable trolleys for computers portables are the result of sharp expertise and a constant concern to offer solutions tailored to your needs. Reliable, practical and secure, our trolleys will enable you to effectively manage your computer park while offering your users a serene experience.

Make the choice of quality and tranquility with spirit akaze safe trucks. Contact us today for more information or for a personalized quote request. Our experts will be happy to accompany you in your project.

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