Metal laundry cabinets

What is a metal linen cabinet?

Are you looking for efficient and hygienic storage solutions for clean and dirty laundry? You are in the right place ! 🛒

What is a metal linen cabinet?

The metal linen cabinet is much more than a simple furniture. This is one storage solution meticulously designed to effectively manage clean and dirty laundry within your company. This storage cabinet for linen metallic allows to distribute to your employees every day clean and collect their clothes dirty at the end of the working day. This ensures a impeccable hygiene and ensures that your employees comply with the required standards of change in certain business sectors.

Whether it's small schools, hotels, food industries or health facilities such as hospitals and EHPADs, metal linge cabinet adapts to all your needs. Simple, fast, convenient and efficient, it is an essential asset to guarantee the cleanness and the organization your place of work.

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Why choose his metal linen wardrobe at Akaze?

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Why choose his metal linen wardrobe at Akaze?

Akaze, uncontested expert metal furniture for more than 20 years, has built its reputation on robustness and reliability of his products. By opting for one metal linen cabinet Akaze, you make the choice of quality. Our linen cabinets are made in France and Europe, thus meeting the strictest manufacturing standards.

These metal cabinets are specially designed for demanding environments, such as hospitals and dirty industries. Our customers are unanimous about the satisfaction they experience with our products, and our advisors are at your disposal to answer all your questions. When you choose Akaze, you choose excellence.

The two types of metal linen cabinets at Akaze

Clean laundry cabinet

THE'clean linen cabinet is the ideal solution for distribution of linen to your employees. It is equipped with compartments in the form of lockers, perfect to store folded or suspended linen on hanger. You have the freedom to choose the number of lockers according to your specific needs. Clean linen cabinets are also equipped with ventilation for optimum air circulation.

These cabinets are equipped with 4 feet of a height of 100 mm, equipped with plastic skates to protect your floors. Each compartment is secured by a key lock or lockable lock. The ventilation is done by a discreet ventilation at the back of the cabinet. The robustness of their steel plate construction ensures their durability over time. Our clean linen distribution cabinets are available in different configurations, from 4 to 16 lockers and from 8 to 16 columns, to adapt perfectly to your needs.

Receptacle cabinet with dirty linen

The linen receptacle cabinets dirty shit are indispensable for professions where the collection of dirty laundry is a crucial step. They are also available in different versions, offering customization options in terms of width, height, number of columns and lockers to meet your specific requirements.

Like their counterparts for clean linen, these cabinets are made of steel sheet, guaranteeing their solidity and their longevity. Each compartment is secured by 1 cl-point lockand one discreet ventilation at the back ensures optimal ventilation to preserve the cleanliness of your linen. The 4 feet of 100 mm height, with plastic skates, ensure that the stability of the cabinet and the protection of your soil.

Customize your clothes wardrobe according to your desires

Home Akaze, we understand that company is unique, which is why we offer a wide range of customization options for your metal linen cabinet. You can customize the body color of the wardrobe and doors, choose from different lock options (key lock, lock padlock, code lock), opt for a tilted roof to avoid dust buildup and facilitate cleaning, and even add label holders for a better organization.

Create a linen cabinet that meets your specific needs and reflects the identity of your business.

The linen cabinet adapted to all activities

The metal linen cabinets akaze are suitable for a many areas of activity, guaranteeing effective management of linen clean and dirty:

  • Small schools: Ideal for the organization of the school linen.
  • Hotels: Perfect for the storage of staff sheets, towels and uniforms.
  • Salting industries: Essential for workwear in demanding environments.
  • Hospitals: Uncontournable for the respect of hygiene standards and the storage of medical outfits.
  • EHPAD: Guaranteeing the cleanliness and organization of the residential linen.

With a variety of customization options, robust materials, and recognized expertise, our metal linen cabinets meet the specific needs of each industry. Akaze accompanies you to ensure that your linen is lined, clean and ready to be used, whatever industry you belong to.