Vestiaires room gain

Discovering the changing rooms in L

The secure storage solution ideal for small spaces!

Discovering the changing rooms in L

The changing rooms in L are storage engineering jewelry. Their intelligent design allows them to fit perfectly in small spaces, while offering storage solutions impeccable. Featuring a structure in galvanized steel, these metal cabinets are not only robust but also aesthetically diverse, with a palette of 17 different colours to satisfy all tastes. Their size in height and reduced column width make them valuable allies in places where each centimetre counts.

One of the key benefits of changing rooms in L is their ability to offer optimized storage space. Whether in an industrial enterprise, hospital, community or other similar organizations, these cabinets are designed for effectively store personal affairs of each. Employees can store their clothes and professional equipment, thanks to shelves, thongs and compartments adapted to their needs.

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Optimize your space with a space gain locker

The ability to choose between 1 to 4 columns gives valuable flexibility to adapt to different environments.

Optimize your space with a space gain locker

The changing room gain, also known as changing rooms in L, embody the quintessence of storage efficiency. These are metal cabinets optimized dimensions are specially designed to maximize the use of available space, while offering a solidity and one sustainability i'll try.

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L changing rooms: suitable for various sectors of activity

Applications of changing rooms in L are wide and varied, making them suitable for multiple sectors of activity. Whether you are in the field of industry communities health, or in any company requiring space well organized storagee, these cabinets are an elegant response to your needs. In an industrial environment, whether a factory, workshop or shop changing rooms in L allow workers to store their equipment and clothing in an orderly manner. Dans hospitals, they make it easy the storage of personal effects medical employees.

The changing rooms in L are designed to maximize the use of available space. Their compact format allows them to be integrated into restricted areas without sacrificing the capacity of stockagand. The doors in L, unmistakable and fitted with anti-noise caps, add to their practicality. The customization is also at the rendezvous, with a range of dimensions, models and colors that adapt to your specific needs.

The two variants of L vestiary by Akaze

Akaze, specialist storage solutions, propose two types of L lockers, made in Europe to ensure optimal strength and durability. These two variants are:

  • The Vestiaire en Portes L en Acier : This model is distinguished by a steel monobloc construction that gives it unmatched robustness. It is ideal for environments where safety and effraction resistance are essential.
  • The Vestiaire en Portes L en MDF : For those looking for a balance between aesthetics and durability, this variant is an interesting option. MDF doors add a touch of sophistication while retaining functionality.

Customize your locker room gain

Standard equipment

Discover the versatility and functionality of changing room gain, also known as vestiary doors in L, proposed by Akaze. Our wardrobes are equipped with standard features designed to simplify your life, combining practicality and style. When you choose a Akaze L dressing room, here is what you get in standard:

  • Label holder: Each locker room is equipped with a label holder for an optimal organization. You can easily identify the contents of your dressing room, whether at work, at school or in any other environment.
  • Opening of the door at 110° : Our smart design allows a door opening to 110 degrees, offering easy access inside the locker room. You will not have to juggle with narrow or uncomfortable doors.
  • Serrure 1 serial point : The safety of your personal effects is our priority. Each L lock is equipped with a lock at a serial point, ensuring the protection of your property. You can safely store your valuables.
  • Key closure or serial locks: You have the choice between two practical options to secure your dressing room. Use the standard key provided or opt for a lock, depending on your preference. This versatility offers total peace of mind.
  • 17 colors to choose without price supplement : The aesthetics of your space is essential, which is why we offer you a wide range of colors to customize your wardrobe. You can choose from 17 shades without any additional cost. Whether you prefer a discreet or bold look, you will find the perfect color for your environment.

Optional equipment

At Akaze, we understand that each environment is unique, which is why we offer you a range of options to adapt your changing room to your requirements. Here is what you can get by adding these optional equipment:

  • Roof hair inclined: Add a touch of elegance to your dressing room by choosing a tilted roof cloth. This feature not only improves aesthetics, but also provides additional protection against dust and dirt.
  • Bank: An integrated bench in your dressing room offers a convenient space to sit while filtering or removing your shoes. This adds additional convenience to your dressing room, whether in a gym, a school or a work place.
  • Uncle: The base is a useful option to raise your floor locker, making it easier to clean under the cabinet. It also offers increased protection against moisture.
  • Pieds : The feet of your dressing room offer additional stability and facilitate soil cleaning. They are an excellent option to keep your space clean and orderly.
  • Shoe knife: For environments where cleanliness is essential, the shoe drainer is a practical option. It allows to keep the shoes clean and dry by evacuating moisture.
  • Different types of lock to choose: In addition to the lock at a serial point, you have the option to choose from different types of locks to meet your specific safety needs. Opt for an electronic lock, a combination lock or any other option available.

In short, changing rooms in L offer intelligent storage solution, ideal for restricted areas. Their strength, durability and versatility make it a wise choice for them various sectors of activity. With the possibility of customization, you can create of the changing rooms which exactly meet your needs. If you are looking for practical metal cabinets, functional and aesthetic, changing rooms in L are an option to seriously consider. For more information or to choose the model that best suits you, do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

You will also find all the details of the dimensions on the product sheets to help you in your choice.