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Metal locker cabinet

The metal locker cabinets can be used in a wide range of facilities such as schools, colleges, high schools, boarding schools, swimming pools, sports clubs, gymnasiums, stations, work places.. Lockers are ideal for storing helmets, briefcases, school books, handbags etc.

The proposed metal lockers are in monobloc welded and made of electrozing sheet. The internal ventilation of the cabinets is done by means of large perforations in part high allowing free air circulation.

Our locker cabinets are available in 2 widths: 300 and 400mm. They range from 2 to 5 lockers per column, from 1 to 3 columns (in width 400 mm) and from 1 to 4 columns (in width 300 mm). Available in 17 colours, to you to panic and create the configuration that looks like you!

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  • Height without feet: 1800 mm
  • Height with 140 mm feet: 1940 mm
  • Width: 300 or 400 mm
  • Depth: 500 mm

Standard equipment:

  • Label holder
  • Serrure 1 serial point
  • Key closure or serial locks
  • Opening of the door at 110°
  • 17 colors to choose without charge
  • A rod with 2 hooks is included in cabinets with two lockers per column only

Optional equipment:

  • Roof hair inclined
  • Banc
  • Uncle
  • Pieds
  • Different types of locks to choose
  • Color paneling possible between doors and cabinet body

What is a metal locker? Robust and functional metal storage

A metal locker, also known as a locker cabinet, is a steel monobloc cabinet that offers both robustness and practicality. Made by Akaze, specialized French manufacturer, the metal locker is designed to meet the needs of various professionals and establishments.

This functional storage solution allows you to store the personal affairs of your employees or your visitors. In addition, our metal locker cabinets are available from 2 to 5 lockers per column, from 1 to 3 columns (in width 400 mm) and from 1 to 4 columns (in width 300 mm).

Options and customization of metal locker

Akaze metal lockers offer a multitude of options to meet your specific needs. You can choose from 17 different colors to harmonize the locker with your environment. Plus, a variety of locks is available, ensuring the safety and confidentiality of personal effects. Metal lockers can be equipped a roof hairheight adjustable feet and even a metal bench for more comfort and functionality.

The price of a metal locker

Metal locker is an affordable solution for storage. Compared to traditional monobloc lockers, they are generally cheaper and take less space.

Prices may vary based on selected options. To get one exact price and fair, it is recommended to request a quote from Akaze. In addition, if you prefer a more affordable and spread solution over several monthly payments, the rental of metal locker is also possible.

Easy maintenance of metal locker

To ensure your sustainability metal case, a regular maintenance is required. It is advisable to use non-corrosive products when cleaning. A simple soft cloth and soapy water are usually sufficient to eliminate dust and light spots.

As soon as your record is damaged, you have the opportunity to send it back to us so that it passes into the hands of our expert team in charge of reconditioning of metal cabinets.

What are the advantages of using metal lockers?

The metal lockers offer many advantages to meet your secure storage needs. Akaze cabinets are renowned for their robustness and durability, ensuring a reliable and long-term storage solution.

One of the strengths of the Akaze metal lockers is the presence of an integrated label holder. This facilitates the organization and rapid identification of your personal effects or supplies. With this practical feature, you can assign a specific location to each person or object, optimizing the efficiency of your storage space.

Safety is also essential, which is why Akaze metal lockers are equipped with a key closure or serial lockers. This measure guarantees the protection of your property by preventing unauthorized access. So you can have a quiet mind knowing that your business is safe.

For accessibility, Akaze lockers are designed with a door opening at 110°, offering a wide opening angle. This feature allows easy handling of items stored inside, thus avoiding any congestion when accessing your business.

Depending on the type of locker you choose, some lockers will be equipped with storage shelves and a wardrobe rod that allows you to put a hanger to store your jacket. A real gain of space that allows you to adjust your metal locker as you wish.

What is the durability and durability of metal lockers?

Home Akaze, we are proud to offer products entirely made in France, thus guaranteeing superior quality. Choose akaze cabinets, it's making sure to invest in sustainable, manufactured with quality materials and according to rigorous standards. We set a point of honour to offer our customers storage solutions reliable and sustainable.

Metal lockers adapted to each profession

Akaz metal lockers are designed to meet the specific needs of various professionals and establishments. Here are some examples:

Metal locker for gyms

Metal lockers offer secure storage for the personal effects of members of the gym. With customizable locking options, they guarantee peace of mind during training. For gyms, we recommend you to opt for one locking door locking or a mechanical lock.

Metal case for restaurants

Metal locker cabinets in restaurants offer practical storage space for personal effects of personnel who act as dressing rooms. They allow valuables to be kept safe and at hand. We know that restaurateurs may have room for changing rooms metal lockers allows to have several lockers on one column and allow employees to store their personal belongings: shoes, clothes, bags...

Metal case for schools

In schools, metal lockers offer students a secure place to store their bags, books and personal effects. They promote an organized environment and avoid congestion in classrooms.

Metal locker for communities

The metal lockers in public spaces such as libraries, leisure centres or shopping centres offer a convenient storage solution for visitors. They can be used to store bags, coats or other personal items. Opter for a mechanical lock or an electronic lock which will facilitate the use of the metal locker by all.

In summary, the akaze metal locker cabinets combines robustness, functionality and customization to meet the needs of different professionals. With a variety of options and excellent durability, these metal lockers offer a convenient and secure storage solution for various sectors such as restoration, industry, gyms and many others.

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