Renovating a metal cabinet may seem complicated, but with the right tools and techniques, it is possible to turn it into an attractive and functional. Here are a few steps to follow renovate your metal cabinet

1. Preparation

Start by emptying the cabinet of its contents and remove them shelves if necessary. Use one wet cloth for dust surface of the'wardrobe and make sure it's dry.

2. Decapage

To remove all paint or paint varnish existing, you can use chemical background specially designed for surfaces metallic. Apply summary according to the manufacturer's instructions, then use a metal scraper or a hard hair brush to eliminate residues

3. Sanding

Once it is'wardrobe is disbursed, use abrasive paper to fine grain for smooth the metal surface. This will create a uniform surface for the application of the new paint.

4. Appretionment

Before painting'wardrobe, apply a layer of'prime specially designed for surfaces metallic. This will help paint accede to correctly and to avoid subsequent crashes. Use one brush or a roll to apply the'prime uniformly.

5. Paint

Once'prime dry, you can start painting'wardrobe. Choose a specially formulated paint for surfaces metallic, like a acrylic paint or a painting aerosol. Apply several layers painting, leaving each layer dry completely before applying the following. Use one brush or roll for one finish finish finish smooth and uniform.

6. Finish

After finishing the painting, you can add finishes additional to protect and beautify'wardrobe. For example, you can apply a layer de varnish for giving a brilliant look or satin. You can also add handles or moulding to improve the style of'wardrobe

7. Assembly

Once all paint layers and finish finish finish completely dry, you can reassemble the'wardrobe by replacing them shelves and install them handles if necessary. By following these steps, you are able to renovate your metal cabinet and of him give a second life. Don't forget to choose high-quality renovation products to guarantee durable and aesthetic results.

How does Akaze fix your metal cabinet?

If you own one metal cabinet damaged or worn Akaze, don't throw it! At Akaze, we specialize in renovation and repair of'metal cabinets. Our experienced team is doing everything to restore one second life to your furniture, thus avoiding you buying a new cabinet and contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Eligibility to recondition

You're wondering if your metal cabinet is eligible for election reconditioning

Contact our sales department and explain your request and the quantities concerned. We will carefully review your file and inform you if we are able to restore your furniture. Our workshop is located in the Maine-et-Loire department (49), where we welcome you cabinets for repair.

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