Library calibration

These are metal shelves are perfect for reading rooms, in academia, and many others. They are available in 1 or 2 faces and equipped with vertical separators and tablets for books or newspapers. They have information labelling on each module.


Akaze proposes two shelving models : the first consultable in 1 face and the second in 2 faces.


1-sided gear

  • Height 2060mm
  • Width 1030mm
  • Depth 310mm

2-sided gear

  • Height 2060mm
  • Width 1030mm
  • Deep 560mm

Standard equipment:

  • The shelves are equipped with partitions and supports
  • Closed profile steel support frame
  • Tablets adjustable every 50mm
  • Adjustable feet for upgrade
  • Maximum load capacity of 40 kg per shelf
  • 17 colors for choice without extra charge

Optional equipment:

  • Fixed to wall possible

What is a metal shelving for a library?

One metallic shelving for library is a furniture specially designed for storage and the organization of books, magazines, records and other types of documents in libraries. These are metal shelves offer storage solution efficient and effective versatile for libraries they come in all sizes. The metal shelves for library are made from high quality materials such as'galvanized steel, making them extremely durable and resistant damage.

Metal shelves Akaze

Akaze, expert in metal furniture for more than 20 years, offers two types of metal shelves for professional professional. The shearing with a face allows to pose the shearing against the wall and even the fix if you want to make sure she solidity of the support. The shelving with 2 faces it will be ideal to put more of it books or documents. The metal racks of the library are fitted with partitions. The robust structure is in steel and can withstand up to 40 kg. The feet are adjustable as well as the tablets every 50 mm.

Customize your shelving

You have the option to choose from 17 colors for your metallic shelving. You can view all available colors by downloading the technical sheet. You just need to specify the color you want when ordering us. All our paintings are long-term resistant.

Metal shelves for libraries, schools and offices

This is the ideal solution for the schools media libraries and offices cause that's it metallic shelving allows you to superimpose and classify your books or documents in an organized way. The shelving will fit perfectly into your environment by its modern and elegant design.

How to choose its library shelving?

There are several criteria to be taken into account when you decide to start looking for a metal shelving for your library. Here are different criteria:

  • Define the surface that you have at your disposal at first time to store your metal shelving

  • How many books or documents should you rank? This will allow you to define the amount of shelving you will need

  • The color that fits perfectly into your environment: you have a choice of 17 colors

  • The type of shelving you need: 1 face or 2 faces

Contact our sales team for more questions.

How to maintain a metal shelving?

To ensure a good maintenance of your metallic shelving, it is important to follow some simple steps. First, it is necessary to regularly clean the shelves or tablets using a soft cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner. This will eliminate dust, dirt and any spots that could accumulate over time. If your metallic shelving is located in a warehouse where chemicals or liquids are handled, it can be wise to carry out a more and more cleaning depth.

Regular audit fixations and connections is also an important step in the maintenance of metallic shelving. Make sure all the screws, bolts and hooks are tight and in good condition. If you see damaged parts, it is recommended to replace them immediately to avoid any risk of fall or damage to goods stored.

It is also advisable to check the load capacity maximum metallic shelving and not exceed this limit. Overloading can result in deformations structure or deterioration of shelves, thereby jeopardizing the security and integrity of storage system.

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