Locks for changing rooms and lockers

Locks for wardrobe and locker

You can customize our metal cabinets and choose the lock that suits you best.

Locks for wardrobe and locker

The locks for metal cabinets and lockers are essential safety elements for the protection the goods and documents they contain. There is a variety of types of closures available from Akaze, each with its specific advantages and disadvantages. Among the most common options are the mechanical lock electronic lock key lock gift door and lock gentleman. It is crucial to choose the lock that best meets your security needs.

In summary, each type of lock has its own advantages and disadvantages. The mechanical lock is reliable and sustainable, while electronic lock is more convenient and easier to use. The key lock is simple and common, while the locking door locking is easy to use and change. The code lock is secure but can be difficult to use if the code is forgotten. It is important to choose the lock that best suits your specific safety needs.

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The lock, your ally to protect your dressing room

The choice of a quality lock is also important to ensure the safety of employees' personal property.

The lock, your ally to protect your dressing room

In many professional environments, such as businesses, sports centres, hospitals or schools safety of lockers is essential to ensure the peace of mind of employees or users. Clothes are personal spaces where individuals deposit their personal effects and valuables with confidence. To ensure the safety of these spaces locks play a key role.

The locks used in professional dressing rooms must offer a high level of safety and reliability, do not neglect this part. They must be able resist attempts to erase and prevent unauthorized access to users' property.

Different types of locks for locks

There are several types of locks for lockers that offer different locking methods to ensure the security of users' property.

  • The lock for key lock is recommended when each locker is assigned to a particular user. She uses a key to lock the locker room, and a passkey is provided in case the key is lost. Closing is done with a 1 to 3 point system.
  • The manual code locks are frequently used in collective dressing rooms such as swimming pools and gyms. They avoid any inconvenience associated with the loss of keys. Just define a code to lock the locker and change it easily if necessary. A pass can be provided in case of loss of the combination.
  • The electronic code lock works with a battery and allows easy use with a digital combination. It offers a high level of safety and allows the lock to be reset if the combination is forgotten. It is ideal for places where frequent use is required.
  • The lock gift door is recommended for cases where each user has their own locks. It uses a fixed half ring inserted in a slot to close the locker room. A visitable moraillon can also be used to allow the visit of the metal cabinet without removing the paddenas. This method is ideal for clubs, gyms and schools.
  • The locks use a coin or token to close the locker room. This type of lock is used in municipal pools, shopping centres and sports facilities to prevent theft and vandalism. If the user does not have the piece or token, he will not be able to close his box.

How to choose a lock for its monobloc locker ?

The choice of lock for your dressing room will depend on several factors, such as the desired level of safety, the type of locker you own and your personal preferences. Here are some elements to consider to choose the right lock for your changing room:

  • Type of lock: there are several types of locks for locks, including key locks, code locks, card locks and biometric locks. Each of these options offers a different level of safety, so it is important to determine which type of lock is best suited to your needs.
  • Security level: the level of safety of your lock will depend on the nature of the objects you will store in your locker room. If you store valuable items, you'll probably want a lock with a higher level of security. Combination or key locks are usually the most common for lockers.
  • Easy to use: you may also want to consider the ease of use of the lock. Key locks are often simple and easy to use, but if you are likely to lose your key, you can prefer a code or card lock. It is therefore preferable to take into account the activity area of the user.
  • Sustainability: the durability of your lock is also important, especially if your locker is used frequently. Resistant metal locks are often more durable than plastic locks.
  • Size: finally, you will want to make sure that the lock you choose suits the size of your dressing room and is easy to install.

Our team is at your disposal to advise you on the type of lock suitable for your locker or lockercontact us no more.

How do I change the lock of his locker ?

It is perfectly possible to replace the lock of your metal locker or locker by yourself. We offer tutorial videos on our social networks, especially on LinkedIn, to guide you. Our locks are easy to install and we can also provide you with an installation notice when you buy your lock.

Why use a locker room with code lock ?

The ideal lock for places open to the public

Use avestiaireWithcode lockHas many advantages in terms of safety and practicality. ThevestiairesAre commonly used in manyenvironments, such as schoolssports clubs, swimming pools, amusement parksgyms, businesses, hospitals, public buildings and many more. One of the main advantages ofvestiaireWithcode lockIs effective managementlockers. I 'm sorry . ThelockersArecompartmentsIndividual used to storepersonal effectsSuch as clothing, bags, shoes and othersvalue objects. Thelock systemCodeallows usersTo choose a personal code that allows them tolockAndunlockTheirrecorder. This eliminates the need for physical keys and reduces the risk of unauthorised loss, flight or loan of keys. In addition to the convenience offered to userslocksCode also allows onesecurityHigher.

A secure lock

ThelocksCode is often used aslocking systemDehigh securityBecause they are not easy tocrochetOr to force. ThereforeviolationsAnd flights are reduced to a minimum. SomelocksCode offers even additional security levels with features such as recognition of'prints digitalOrlocking systems biometrics. Another advantage ofvestiairesWithcode lockIs the ability to easily customize access codes. When someone leaves'workspaceOr storage location, just reset the access code of therecorderSo that the next person can use itsafekeeping. This also reduces the risk of unauthorized use of lockers or lockers'forgottenThe keys. ThevestiairesWithcode lockAlso offer a largesustainabilityAnd are often made from high quality materials such as'stainless steelOr metalgalvanized. These materials are resistant to corrosion and corrosion'wear, which means thatlocksCode remains functional and reliable for a long period of time. In additionvestiairesWithcode lockAre easy to clean and require little maintenance, which is especially important inenvironmentsWhere hygiene is essential, such as hospitals orgyms.

Simple to use

Finally, the use of avestiaireWithcode lockAllows better access control. Access codes can be programmed individually, which means that only authorized persons can access thelockers. This offerspeaceMind to users, especially when it comes to protecting fromvalue objectsOrworking clothing.

How to choose the right size of lock for my metal cabinet ?

When you want to choose the right sizelockFor yourmetal cabinet, it is important to take into account different elements to ensure the security of your property. First, it is essential to check thedoor typeOf yourwardrobe. If yourwardrobeHas aswinging door, you have to opt for onelockAdapted to thisdoor type. On the other hand, if yourwardrobeHas onesliding door, you have to choose onelockSpecific for this type ofclosure. .

Then it is necessary to measure the'ThicknessFrom the door of yourwardrobeTo choose a modellock compatible. This measure will allow you to determine if you need alarder lockOr applies. Depending onsecurityDesired, you can choose between differentlocks. I 'm sorry . Themultipoint locksOffer increased security thanks to their many pointslocking. These arelocksAre particularly recommended forcabinetsContainingvalue objects. If you opt for onemultipoint lock, take into account thenumber of pointsDelockingDesired during your selection.

In conclusion, choose the right sizelockFor yourmetal cabinetRequires taking into account different factors such asdoor type, Door thickness, securityDesired and dimensionssafe. By opting for onelockQuality andcall to a professionalIf necessary, you can ensure the safety of your stock stored in yourmetal cabinet.

What is the typical life of a lock for metal cabinet ?

The typical life of alockFormetal cabinetDepends on several factors, such as quality of thelock, use of'wardrobeAnd environmental conditions. However, with regular maintenance and useappropriate, onelockFormetal cabinetCan usually last 10 to 20 years. ThelocksFormetal cabinetAre generally designed to offersecurityAnd oneprotectionPropertystoredInside. They are often made using durable materials such as durable materials'stainless steelOrlettuceTo ensure resistance to difficult conditions and daily wear. To ensure a long life to alockFormetal cabinet, it is important to maintain it regularly.