Secure phone and laptop lockers

These are secure lockers are perfect in offices, schools, libraries and others, to safely store mobile in places where their use is not permitted and laptops.


THE'electrification of lockers is possible on request with 230V and/or uSB socket enabling the charging of smartphones and computers. Available in several widths and heights, these metal lockers may include 5 and 90 lockers.

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Secure locker for mobile phone

Akaze's electrifiable locker cabinets are ideal for use in offices, communities and schools. They allow safe charging of mobile phones while storing them. You have the choice between two electrification options: a 230 V power socket or a USB socket. The electrification is available on request, and the locker cabinet is equipped with a key lock to ensure the safety of the stored phones.

Dimensions of locker cabinets for portable:

  • Width: 210 or 1650 mm
  • Height: 780 mm or 1680 mm
  • Depth: 200 mm

The dimensions of a single portable locker:

  • Width: 2179 mm
  • Height of a locker: 148 mm
  • Depth of a locker: 200 mm


Our secure lockers for mobile phones are designed to accommodate from 5 to 90 phones simultaneously. To find the cabinet that best fits your needs, we recommend that you contact one of our salesmen who will be happy to advise you.

Secure locker for laptops

The portable computer lockers offered by Akaze are perfect for a variety of environments such as offices, communities and schools. These lockers offer a secure solution to store and recharge your laptops. If necessary, electrification is available upon request. Each locker is equipped with a key lock to ensure the safety of stored devices. You can thus enjoy your breaks to recharge your computer in peace.

The dimensions of the locker cabinet for computer:

  • Width: 400 mm
  • Height: 1800 mm
  • Depth: 500 mm

The dimensions of a single computer locker:

  • Width: 397.6 mm
  • Height of a locker: 162 mm
  • Depth of a locker: 500 mm

It is recommended to consult a commercial to check if your laptop can fit perfectly in the proposed locker.


Our secure lockers for laptop can accommodate between 5 and 10 computers simultaneously.

Standard equipment for secure lockers:

  • Lock 1 point
  • 2 keys per locker
  • Wall mounted
  • 17 colors for choice without extra charge

Optional equipment of secure lockers:

  • Possible electrification of lockers with 230V socket and/or USB socket (according to model)
  • Numbering of lockers
  • Color paneling possible between doors and cabinet body

Protect your personal data: The importance of secure lockers for computers and smartphones

The computer lockers and telephone cabinets, equipped with key locks, offer storage space functional and secure for your electronic devices. With options such as electrifiable phone lockers, these phone cabinets suspended or not are essential to your workspace. Whether at the office or at school, these professional storage furniture in galvanized steel ensure the confidentiality of your data.

Protect your smartphones and laptops all serenity thanks to our lockers instructions for mobile phones, desk cabinets and office storage. Organize your interior with practical and resistant lockers, with quality hinges. Akaze offers you the best solutions for maintaining security your electronic devices while optimizing your living or working space.

Lockers secured Akaze : Optimum compatibility with all your electronic devices

Looking for storage solutions functional and adapted to your professional needs? Discover secure lockers Akaze, highly versatile storage furniture designed to fit all computers and laptops. Whether you need a computer locker, a telephone cabinet or even a telephone booth, Akaze lockers meet your requirements.

Nos lockers are carried out according to standard dimensions, thus ensuring perfect compatibility with a maximum of electronic devices. In addition, we offer an electrification option on request, allowing for charge your devices via one uSB socket and one power outlet 230 V. The more you need to look for an electric socket available, your appliances stay loaded and at hand in your workspace.

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