Recently, our commitment to a sustainable and ethical approach was honored by receiving the certificate of compliance with the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) charter awarded by the UIMM.

This distinction is not merely symbolic; it represents the recognition of our work that incorporates social, economic, and environmental responsibility at the heart of our activities. Following a rigorous audit in September 2023, we were praised for our proactive approach and our continuous efforts to improve our impact on society and the planet.

It is with this philosophy that we continue to move forward, ready to face challenges while respecting our commitment to sustainability.

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Pillar 1: The Environment

At Akaze, we strengthen our environmental commitment by launching a renovation unit. This new service allows our clients to have their damaged cabinets repaired instead of buying new ones, thus reducing waste. This initiative complements our ecological approach, which already includes the systematic reuse of offcuts from our semi-automatic saw, investment in sustainable equipment, installation of economical LED lighting, and the choice of courier services for 40% of our deliveries, reducing our carbon footprint.

Pillar 2: loyalty of practices

We take the security and integrity of our operations seriously. This is reflected in a rigorous management of the protection of personal data in compliance with the GDPR, carried out internally, as well as by regular cybersecurity tests to ensure the security of our information systems.

Pillar 3: relationships and working conditions

At Akaze, we believe in the importance of fair and equitable working conditions. This includes prioritizing local suppliers to support the local economy and assisting our staff in adapting to new technologies. We also foster a friendly work environment through various events and activities throughout the year. Our employees benefit from a 4.5-day work schedule, promoting a better balance between professional and private life.

Pillar 4: Local Territory and Interest

Territorial anchoring is at the heart of our CSR approach. We give priority to local suppliers. Our long-standing partnership with ESAT Kypseli in Melay is a striking example of our commitment to the local community and social causes. Thanks to their work, we optimize our production processes while supporting the professional integration of people with disabilities. Finally, we show our solidarity through significant donations to charitable organizations, thus affirming our active and benevolent role within society.

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