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Our metal dressing rooms for communities

Find your reliable and durable professional locker room among our range of metal furniture for businesses and communities.

Our metal dressing rooms for communities

Are you looking for a durable and efficient metal storage system to store and store the personal effects of your employees, students or customers?

Discover our range of monobloc metal lockers for companies and professionals made in France in our workshops located in Cholet in Maine and Loire

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Akaze: the best metal lockers!

Find your locker rooms, metal cabinets, designed especially for businesses and communities. Designed largely in high-quality stainless steel, this furniture is robust and easy to maintain.

Akaze: the best metal lockers!

Akaze is a manufacturer and supplier of French metal furniture for companies and communities for more than 20 years. Our metal lockers are modular and adaptable to all needs. And, are designed to meet professional requirements as well as storage requirements.

We also manufacture benches and metal accessories to be added on wardrobes, lockers or lockers to facilitate storage and storage.

A wide choice of metal dressing for professionals

Discover metal cabinets and dressings Akaze intended companies and communities. We offer metal dressings specific tailored to each profession in order to best meet your needs. That you are one company in the TBT, one agri-food industry or pharmaceuticals, one gym, our changing rooms and adapt to any case of use.

We have also developed metal cabinets and lockers to meet the needs of communities like the Green space management teams, colleges and high schools who need school lockers to store bags, books and materials for their students.

Nos metal furniture are customizable to best meet the needs of all professionals. We propose 17 different colors so you can customize your dressing room in your image. We offer custom solutions with equipment and accessories, variations for each product: feet, , uncle, , locks, , roof hair...


Different types of wardrobes and metal cabinets

Our metal lockers fit perfectly to different professional uses, find below our metal storage solutions 100% modular.

What are the different dimensions of a metal locker ?

Our professional wardrobes have multiple dimensions in order to adapt perfectly to your spaces. It is important to know the exact available space to accommodate your wardrobes that will allow us to better determine the size of your dressing room. Depending on these criteria, the final choice can be extremely easy and fast.

We offer tailor-made solutions that fit your needs and space. Each cabinet model is configurable directly on the product sheet, you can pre-configure your wardrobes:

  • Door width in mm, number of columns,
  • The lock type (cadenas, key, record with or without return, mechanical or electronic code),
  • Closure type (1 or 3 points),
  • The footstool (cabinet without legs, 140 mm metal legs or 140 mm metal base).

We also offer options like a sloped roof cap. You can also choose the color of your doors and the body of your cabinet.


How to choose your metal wardrobe ?

Choose the best model metal locker room for your business or community can sometimes be difficult, given the variety of options available on the market. Here are some tips to guide you and avoid making a mistake in your choice:

  • Evaluate the space you have to install your dressing rooms. If you have little space, it is best to opt for compact wardrobes, such as the l, which offer two lockers in one. On the other hand, if you have an important space, you can consider some changing rooms suitable for clean or dirty industries.
  • Consider the number of people needing a locker room. This will allow you to determine how many lockers you will need and what area they will occupy.
  • Consider the type of activity your company or community: college/lyceased, firefighters, green space management, agri-food, TB, mechanical, etc. At Akaze, we designed dressing rooms adapted to each specific trade.
  • Think about the type of locks available. You have several options such as key lock, lock for padlock, code lock, electronic lock, etc. The choice of lock depends on the use of users. Our locks are solid and guarantee good safety.
  • Storage needs, do you need to hang clothes with a hanger? If so, it requires that your dressing room be equipped with a sidebar. In addition, if you need shelves, it will also indicate which type of metal storage is suitable for you.

Do not hesitate to contact our sales team for help in choosing your metal lockers according to your needs and budget.


How do I clean a locker room ?

Clean upmetal dressingIs an essential step in maintaining its appearance andsustainability. Whether in an office, a factory, agymnasiumOr any other spaceprofessional clothingAre often subjected to manyusesAnd should be cleaned regularly to eliminate thedirt, dustAndspots. .

  1. The first step in the cleaning process is to completely empty thevestiaireOf allpersonal affairsWho are there. This allows full access toall surfacesAnd prevents elements from dispersed or become damaged during cleaning. It is also essential to remove themhangers, clothing and all other accessories that could be attached to thecoat hooksOrtringles. .
  2. Once it isvestiaireIs empty, it is recommended todust all surfacesUsing onewet clothOr of avacuum cleanerEquipped withsoft brush. This will eliminate itdustAccumulated and particles deposited onShelves, tringlesAnd wallsinside. It is important to pay special attention to the nooks, crannies and crevices where thedirtTends to accumulate.
  3. Then it's time toclean the wallsAndShelvesOf themetal dressing. For this, a mixture of waterwarmAndsweet detergentCan be used. It is best to avoid themcleaners abrasivesOr corrosive, because they mightdamageThefinish finish finishAnd the painting ofvestiaireUse a soft clothOrSpongeNoabrasiveForclean carefully all surfaces. Be carefulrinseTHEvestiaireAfter cleaning to eliminate everythingresidueSoap.
  4. IfspotsPersist on themetal dressing, you can use onecleanerSpecific for removingspotsStubborn.