Office cabinet

Office cabinet for professionals

Our office cabinets are fully customizable, offering a choice of colors and options to fit perfectly to your premises.

Office cabinet for professionals

You're looking for a storage solution efficient and secure for your business? Home Akaze, we specialize in office metal furniture, and our desk cabinets are designed to meet all your needs. Discover our complete range storage cabinets, available curtain doors, of swinging doors or sliding, in low version or high.

Whatever your choice, you will find us at home the ideal office cabinet. For all requests for information, do not hesitate to get closer to our sales team who will be pleased to advise you for your office furniture:


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More than just a wardrobe, storage furniture

Order with peace of mind, our cabinets are delivered already assembled.

More than just a wardrobe, storage furniture

Office cabinet plays an essential role in your undertakinge. It allows for store and prioritize effectively documentss, ensuring fast access to your data when necessary. Our wardrobes also offer a secure solution for store your personal effects or objects of value through centralized closure.

But our wardrobes are not limited to their functional aspect. They also constitute design elements who dress your offices, thus creating a professional and organized environment. The cabinets that we propose are designed with security in mind, compliant with the GDPR and equipped with anti-tank system. Consult our technical data sheets to know the maximum load supported by our wardrobes and make sure of one optimum utilization without degradation.

How to choose your professional office cabinet?

Office cabinet materials:

We highly recommend you the metal to ensure sustainability your wardrobe. In addition to its robustness, the metal is easy to maintain, thus guaranteeing a long life to your office furniture.

The space available in the office:

Determine in advance what you want store in your metal cabinet to choose the appropriate size. Make sure the cabinet doesn't work all available space in your office, leaving room for other elements.

The necessary dimensions:

Opt for a high cabinet if you need to lots of storage space, but don't forget that you will have to get up to reach upper shelves. Les cabinets basses facilitate access when you sit at your office.

The locking system of the cabinet:

Our office cabinets are equipped a centralized locking system key, ensuring the security of your property. If you have a preference a type of lock particular, you can add an optional lock to your wardrobe.

A desk cabinet for what purpose?

Our wardrobes are versatile and can be used to:

  • File archives
  • Store and store your folders
  • Store your supplies

Our office cabinets facilitate the systematic classification and archiving of your documents. They guarantee an effective hierarchy, allowing your company to maintain optimal operation by quickly recovering the necessary data. The security of your information is a priority, and our wardrobes offer a safe space to store your files, while respecting strict security standards, including anti-tank criteria, thus ensuring the protection of your data.

Metal cabinets that we propose play an essential role in the optimal organisation of your workspace. They offer exceptional versatility, adapted to various needs within the different sectors of activity. That you worked in industry, communities, medical sector, workshops, TBT, or any other domain, office cabinet is designed to meet your specific requirements.

The different desk cabinets Akaze

Sliding door storage cabinet:

Our sliding doors cabinets are ideal for save space. Available in low version with 3 storage levels and 2 tablets, or in high version with 5 storage levels and 4 tablets, they offer a multitude of possibilities of interior design.

Storage cabinet with shelves:

Shelves cabinets offer a beautiful storage space with easy access to documents. Choose between high models with 4 tablets or low models with 1 or 2 tablets.

Storage cabinet with doors:

The escamotable door cabinets significantly reduce the space required for opening. Offering 4 adjustable tablets or 3 adjustable tablets with a secure locker with two swing doors, they are practical and functional.

Flying door storage cabinet:

Flying door cabinets offer maximum versatility with adjustable tablets every 25 mm, shelves, drawers and sliding frame. Certified GS and TÜV Rheinland meet european standards the strictest.

Curtain-door storage cabinet:

The curtain doors cabinets offer total access inside storage without contempt. Available in high version with 4 adjustable tablets, or in low version with 2 adjustable tablets and a top shelf.

Ignated storage cabinet:

Our blinded wardrobes, filled with mineral wool, ensure excellent fire protection. Choose from low models with 4 drawers, high models with 4 storage levels and a swing door, or models with 5 storage levels and swing doors.

Choose Akaze for your desk cabinets, combining robustness, functionality and design to meet your business requirements.