Desk cabinet with sliding door

Office cabinet with sliding door is ideal to avoid'door congestions. Like all our others cabinets, it has a large range of accessories allowing a multitude of possibilities for interior design. Nos sliding doors cabinets in low version has 3 storage levels with 2 tablets, while the high version has 5 storage levels with 4 tablets.

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Characteristics of sliding door desk cabinet


Low sliding doors cabinets

  • Height 1040mm
  • Width 1000, 1200 and 1400mm
  • Depth 435mm

High sliding door cabinets

  • Height 1990mm
  • Width 1000, 1200 and 1400mm
  • Depth 435mm

Standard equipment:

  • Tablets adjustable every 25mm
  • Handles
  • Key closure
  • Maximum load capacity of 60kg per tablet
  • 17 colors for choice without extra charge
  • Responds to requirements for the storage of documents imposed by the GDPR

Optional equipment:

  • Possibility of frame drawer for suspended folders

The sliding door office cabinet: the ideal storage cabinet for small spaces

The desk cabinets equipped with sliding doors are indispensable in any type of space. Perfect for storage and organization documents and supplies cabinets not limited to one design; they exist in several variations, whether they are low or high depending on your specific needs. Nos office storage solutions are available in a diverse range of styles and colours. So when you move one office space restricted, consider using a desk cabinet with sliding door. This option offers the advantage of not obstructing the opening of doors, unlike swinging door cabinets.

The office furniture it is of fundamental importance to the optimal functioning of your business. It facilitates the organization and the effective classification of your documents, ensuring rapid recovery of data when needed. In addition, it offers a secure solution for storage your personal effects or valuables, thanks to centralized lock to lock them sliding doors all security.

Our different sliding doors cabinets

Discover the gcabinets with sliding door d'Akaze, designed to meet efficient storage needs in your office space.

  • The sliding door office cabinet: low offers a practical solution with three available widths, ranging from 1000 to 1400 mm. Its dimensions of 1040 mm in height and 435 mm in depth make it ideal for various storage needs. Equipped with two shelves, it allows to create three levels of storage, thus offering the ability to store objects or folders above the cabinet, thus optimizing space.
  • The high sliding door office cabinet: also available in three widths ranging from 1000 to 1400 mm, is distinguished by its height of 1990 mm and its depth of 435 mm. This cabinet offers increased storage capacity with four adjustable shelves every 25 mm, allowing the creation of five practical storage levels. It turns out to be the ideal solution to store folders without the need to decline frequently.

The two types of cabinets are provided with handles facilitating opening of doors and have key lock to ensure the security of your property and personal records. In addition, these cabinets offer extended customization with a choice among 17 colours, allowing you to harmonize furniture with the design of your space. Finally, they are compliant with GDPR data protection standards, thus ensuring the safety of your sensitive information. Do yours office space an organized and secure place with the sliding door cabinets of Akaz.

The criteria to choose the sliding door office cabinet

The choice of a desk cabinet sliding door requires special attention to several crucial criteria to ensure a solution tailored to your specific needs.

Here are the aspects to be taken into consideration in your selection:

  • Office cabinet materials: opt for durability with quality materials, including steel, recognized for its robustness. It ensures the longevity of your metal cabinet while offering a modern aesthetic. Make sure to harmonize materials to achieve a consistent visual aspect in your space.
  • The storage space available in the office: consider the storage space available in your office, a crucial element to determine the type of cabinet to choose. The sliding doors offer a significant room gain compared to folding or swinging doors, ideal for restricted spaces. For bulky walls, a low cabinet could be the optimal solution.
  • The necessary depth and height: adapt the depth of the cabinet according to your storage needs. In general, a depth of 45 cm is sufficient for most files. For more bulky objects, choose a deeper wardrobe. Similarly, adjust the height according to the quantity of documents to be stored.
  • The safety of the cabinet: security is paramount. Opt for a secure centralized closure with a lockable lock, ensuring the protection of your property and confidential documents. Explore the different closure options to choose the one that best meets your security requirements.

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