Plant protection cabinet


From monobloc construction welded with thickness 10/10, this phytosanitary cabinet is an ideal product for the storage of acid products,

corrosive or phytosanitary. The cabinet is available in two different dimensions (mass or high) according to your needs.

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Characteristics of the phytosanitary cabinet

The dimensions of the safety cabinets:

High phytosanitary cabinet

  • Height 1980 mm
  • Width 1000 mm
  • Depth 435 mm

Low phytosanitary cabinet

  • Height 1040 mm
  • Width 1000 mm
  • Depth 435 mm

Standard equipment:

  • Shelves adjustable every 25 mm
  • 4 retention shelves
  • Lock with key lock 3 recessed points
  • Opening of doors at 180°
  • Wardrobe equipped with air vents in low part

What is a phytosanitary cabinet?

One phytosanitary cabinet is one safety equipment specially designed storage of hazardous and chemical products this regulation shall be binding in its entirety and directly applicable in all member states. The plant health products and their properties are thus protected. It ensures a secure environment for these potentially harmful substances, thus reducing the risk of accidents and preserving the health of users.

It is essential that hazardous products be compatible when stored. Indeed, in order to guarantee the protection and security, it is imperative not to store together dangerous products that could present incompatibility.

We advise you to consult the table of chemical compatibility.

In which areas are phytosanitary cabinets used?

The storage cabinets are mainly used in agricultural and chemical sector. In the agricultural field, they are used for store phytosanitary products used for crop protection. The chemical sector requires appropriate storage of chemicals used in industrial processes. These cabinets offer a practical and safe solution to meet the specific needs of these sectors.

Use of a phytosanitary cabinet may be relevant in various sectors, especially when companies handle chemicals for the maintenance of industrial machinery or other equipment. It is recommended to opt for a specific cabinet instead of a classic wardrobe for several reasons.

How to choose a safety cabinet?

The choice of a safety cabinet depends on several important criteria. First of all, we must take into account the quantities of products to store. Akaze proposes two types of cabinets: a high cabinet measuring 1980 cm and a low cabinet of 1040 cm. In addition, it is essential to take into account the space available in your local, the weight of the products to be stored and the type of products you handle.

Where to place a phytosanitary cabinet?

To ensure maximum safety, it is recommended to place your phytosanitary cabinet in a well-ventilated and separated from your offices.

It is important to maintain a certain distance from homes and waterways to prevent accidental contamination. An appropriate location also ensures easy accessibility to the products stored when needed.

Why use a phytosanitary cabinet instead of a classic cabinet?

First of all chemicals used in industrial maintenance may often be potentially dangerous in case of inappropriate contact or mixture with other substances. One safety cabinet is designed with special materials and safety characteristics enhanced to minimize the risk of accidents, leaks or adverse reactions between stored products.

In addition phytosanitary cabinets are usually equipped with specific devices such as retention tanks shelves adapted and appropriate ventilation systems. These characteristics help to maintain a safe storage environment, limiting potential risks associated with the handling of industrial chemicals.

By choosing a dedicated protection cabinet, companies demonstrate their commitment safety of employees and environmental protection. This helps to comply with regulations chemicals storage and prevent unwanted incidents.

The phytosanitary cabinet must meet what criteria?

A phytosanitary cabinet must respect certain requirements to ensure safety during storage dangerous products. First, it must be equipped with small aerations allowing for good ventilation. Besides, she must be locked to limit access to unauthorized persons. A clear sign with the danger" pictogram" is also indispensable. In addition, the'storage shelf with retention tray must be present to store your cans safely. Ideally, it is advisable to hold an extinguisher near the cabinet to react quickly in case of emergency.

The regulation of the phytosanitary cabinet

It is imperative that your safety cabinet scrupulously respects security standards in force. These regulations are designed for the specific purpose of ensuring proper handling and storage of hazardous and flammable, thereby minimizing the potential risks of incidents and environmental damage. By opting for one phytosanitary cabinet Akaze, you make sure that your equipment conforms to these strict standards, ensuring the safety of your work environment.

Regulation on storage of plant health products is particularly rigorous, and it is crucial to respect it. Indeed, the most recent standards established by the french and/or european legislation, must be strictly followed. One safety cabinet, as proposed by Akaze, is an ideal choice to meet these requirements. She offers safe solution and specialized that helps to minimize the risk of incidents related to the handling of dangerous products.

Why choose the safety cabinet from Akaze?

Akaze has been the manufacturer of reference metal furniture for more than 20 years. Akaze is a specialist in metal furniture for professionals and offers robust and durable quality cabinets. You can count on some reliable and durable materials which guarantees exceptional longevity for your safety cabinets.

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