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Visitable school recorder

For the same purpose, these visiting school lockers are designed 2 heights to adapt perfectly to the size of users, students or students. This range is especially recommended for its resistance to effraction with its undeniable doorways whether open or closed. These visiting school lockers can only be installed in locations covered (coulers, classrooms, preaux...). They have aeration in the back and do not require any particular maintenance.


Its manufacture in electrozing plate 10/10th for the body, 20/10th for the frame and 15/10th for the doors ensures the school lockers visitable a great solidity.


School lockers are locked by 1-point key lock or lock. A centralized opening of the frame by a key lock allows access to all column lockers (general or differential keys on request). Lockers in version 1 or 2 (open to french).


Visitable school lockers decline 3 to 5 lockers column and column 1 to 2 columns.

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  • Height: 1580 or 1800mm
  • Height with 140mm feet: 1720 or 1940mm
  • Width: 450mm
  • Depth: 500mm

Standard equipment:

  • 1-point lock with key or serial lock
  • Unstoppable links mounted on a rigid frame
  • Frame with centralized opening by key lock
  • 1 or 2-valve lockers
  • Aerations at the back of the cabinet
  • Opening doors : 110°
  • 17 colors for choice without extra charge

Optional equipment:

  • Pieds
  • Clé General or Differential Pass
  • Color paneling possible between doors and cabinet body

Casiers visitables scolaires Akaze

What is a visiting school record?

One recorder school visitable is a guy'wardrobe de storage very practical and functional, often used in schools. Designed to offer storage space individual to students, it allows to store and organize their effects personalities such as clothing, books notebookssupplies and much more. The recorder school visitable Akaze is made of metal, making it resistant and sustainable. I 'm sorry . The lockers can be monoblocks or compounds of several compartments which can be equipped with cadenas to ensure the safety of students' business.

The recorder school visitable is also flexible and modular, which allows it to adapt to different spaces and needs. It can be attached to the wall or on foot, and some models are even demountable, which facilitates their transport and installation. They can be arranged according to the specific constraints of each classroom or any other place they need.

Outside the school sector lockers visitable are also used in others environments such as sports facilities, gyms gym, leisure centres and businesses in all sectors. They are essential to offer storage space practical and secure to all users, whether they are workers or students.

Which school record can be chosen for students?

When you are looking for a school storage record for students, there are some elements to consider.

First, you must decide whether you prefer visiting school lockers or not. Visitable lockers allow teachers and administrators to easily access the contents of lockers, which can be useful if needed. However, students may prefer confidentiality offered by non-visitable lockers.

Then it is important to choose the size of the school record. The Akaze school lockers are 1580 or 1800mm high.

Finally, robustness is an important criterion and it falls well as these school lockers are especially recommended for their resistance to effraction, with indegondable doorways that they are open or closed.

What visiting school recorder choose for teachers and speakers?

Teachers or stakeholders are recommended to use visiting lockers or traditional locker cabinets to store their personal effects. For more comfort, it is advisable to opt for lockers equipped with a rod to suspend jackets or coats.

If space is limited, lockers storage for mobile phones or computers can be used to allow the teacher to load his electronic devices and store some small personal items.

Where to install visiting school lockers?

Our visiting school lockers are only intended for covered areas, they are stored in corridors, classrooms or covered preaux to facilitate students' access. It is important to ensure that lockers do not block traffic and do not pose any danger to students. Lockers must be regularly cleaned and maintained for their safety and durability.

  • The corridors are often the most convenient places to store lockers because they offer easy access for students between classes. In general, lockers are placed along the corridor walls, with numbers assigned for each locker so that students can easily identify their own locker.
  • The classrooms are also a common place to store lockers, especially in primary and secondary schools where students spend most of their time in a single classroom. Lockers are often placed at the back of the classroom or in a designated area for lockers.
  • I mean preaux couverts are also a common place to store school lockers. These spaces are often used for sports activities or meals, and lockers can be installed in a corner so that students can easily access them.

What lock for visiting school lockers?

Akaze offers two locking options for school lockers: a key lock and a lock compatible with a padlock. The key lock is provided with two keys, in case one of them is lost by the student. On the other hand, the lock compatible with a padlock can be used with different types of padlocks, which can be supplied by the student. If the student loses the key, he can cut the padlock with a clamp.

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How do I maintain a school record?

One recorder is one of the main elements of storage that we can find in schools. It is used by students to store their affairs personal, their books, their clothes sports, and many more objects. To guarantee optimum utilization and extended lockers, it is essential to know how to maintain them properly.

First, it is important to choose ones lockers quality, made from durable materials such as metal or monobloc. I 'm sorry . The metal lockers are generally robust and resist the'wear daily. They can be found in one broad range sizes and sizes configurations to meet the specific needs of students. Regular maintenance lockers schools are necessary to ensure their proper functioning. It is advisable to clean them regularly with a cloth soft and non-abrasive to remove dust and accumulated dirt. If lockers are equipped with'shelves or compartments, it is important to empty and clean them individually to guarantee a storage clean and organized. For metal lockers, it is recommended to use suitable maintenance products, such as metal cleaners or products anti-corrosion, to prevent the onset of rust and to protect the surface metallic.

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