Doors in L

The changing rooms with doors in L allow storage for 2 persons in a single column of 300 or 400mm width. an undeniable advantage: the gain of space! Their compact side is ideal for thedevelopment de small spaces.


The cabinets offered are in monobloc welded, built in sheet metal'phosphate. Profiles are located in the sides of the doors, in the middle and bottom of the dressing room giving the wardrobe a high rigidity.

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The L-door dressing room, a gain of space

Akaze, expert in storage solutions, offers you the l-door dressing. With a width 300 or 400 mm, this model offers a clever solution for optimize space and facilitate storage of two people on one and the same monobloc cabinet. I 'm sorry . The door design L of the dressing room is the fruit of a reflection to offer a practical solution and functional. With this ingenious design, users can store their clothing and personal effects effectively, even in the most restricted areas.

One of the main features of this single block lock is the presence of a tringle allowing to superimpose the clothes. This smart solution allows for double storage capacity without bulking the available space. The two-person business can be carefully arranged and separated, thus ensuring easy access and access optimal organization.

The l-door dressing d'Akaze is also distinguished by its manufacturing quality. Made using durable materials and resistant, it ensures increased longevity and carefree use for many years. L doors are solid and secure, offering optimal protection to the personal affairs of users.

In addition, the design of this dressing room also incorporates customization options to adapt to all needs. It is possible to choose from a variety of finishes, colors and complementary accessories, thus creating a single wardrobe and aesthetically pleasing.

Base model 2 doors:

  • Height: 1800 mm
  • Height with feet of 140mm : 1940mm
  • Width: 300 and 400mm
  • Depth: 500 mm

Standard equipment:

  • Tringle with 2 hooks
  • Label holder
  • Opening of the door at 110°
  • Serrure 1 serial point
  • Key closure or serial lock
  • 17 colors to choose without price supplement

Optional equipment:

  • Roof hair inclined
  • Banc
  • Uncle
  • Pieds
  • Egouttoir shoes
  • Different types of lock to choose
  • Color paneling possible between doors and cabinet body: fully customize your wardrobes.

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