Scooter parking

Are you looking for scooter parking to facilitate the mobility of your employees? Akaze offers you a scooter parking solution, made of steel, designed to guarantee orderly and secure parking of different types of electric and manual scooters. It can accommodate up to 10 scooters, while integrating perfectly into your environment thanks to its careful design and its customization options. You can also add an anti-theft device or padlock for added security.

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Dimensions of the parking lot:

  • Height: 470mm
  • Width: 1200mm
  • Depth: 280mm

Standard equipment:

  • Parking up to 10 scooters face to face
  • Compatible with scooters in circulation to date (manual and electric)
  • Securing possible scooters, possibility to put an anti-vol or a U-cdenas (not provided)
  • Weight of 13.5 kg
  • Steel tube 60x3
  • Anti-vandalism structure
  • High resistance and anti-corrosion epoxy paint
  • Standard colour grey anthracite RAL 7016

Optional equipment:

  • Other colors available on request
  • Possibility to customize the scooter parking lot with the integration of your logo

Discover our scooter parking lot

Our storage solution for scooters electric and manual allows to secure their parking, encourages green mobility and preserve the environment. The steel scooter range is both resistant and light, measuring 1200 mm long and can accommodate up to 10 face-to-face scooters. Users can easily add their own padlocks and anti-theft. The model can be customized in color and with your logo on your request.

Where and how to install the scooter parking lot?

It is essential to make it parking of scooters easily accessible to users. The parking lot with scooters can be placed on a reserved parking space or under a shelter for protect the scooters from the weather. It is important that the parking lot be firmly attached to the ground to ensure optimal safety and avoid flights. There are two fixation options: per screw by anchoring the parking on a concrete slab or chemical resin using threaded rods for coating (not included).

Facilitate the mobility of your employees

The environmental crisis and the increase in fuel prices are increasingly encouraging employees to focus on sustainable modes of transport, such as scooters and bicycles. Companies must therefore adapt to this evolution and propose secure parking solutions for these means of transport. Indeed, the lack of parking suitable for scooters is often an obstacle for users who wish to leave them safe for a whole day. Employees need to be reassured about the safety of their means of transport to be able to use it with confidence. That’s not all, Akaze further facilitates the mobility of its users by offering a secure cabinet allowing to store and recharge their scooter safely.

Where to park my electric scooter?

Currently, there are still few specific solutions to park its electric scooter in a convenient and secure way. Although some users choose to park their scooter on a bike parking lot, this option is not always suitable and can not offer a secure fixation for the scooter.

Another possibility is to park its electric scooter to a pole or tree. However, this solution presents some drawbacks. First, the scooter will not be safe from the weather, which can be problematic in case of rain. Moreover, leaving an unattended electric scooter outside increases the risk of flight or vandalism.

In this context, scooter parking remains the best solution. This type of parking is specially designed to accommodate electric scooters and offers a fitting suitable for different models. In addition, it is usually located in a sheltered place, thus protecting the scooter from the weather. Using scooter parking, you can have the assurance that your scooter is safe and well protected during your absence.

Putting and charging the electric scooter at the same time is possible

The cabinet Vigicube offers a practical solution for storage and charging different devices such as electric scooters electric bicycle batteries smartphones and computers. Made of steel, this monobloc cabinet is specially designed to secure your personal effects while allowing the charging of electrical appliances. It is equipped with an electronic code lock that ensures optimal security. Its various compartments and shelves allow you to store your business as you wish. This metal cabinet is ideal for communities.

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