Key lock
  • Key lock

Keyed cabinet lock

Secure your changing rooms

The key lock is a standard closure on our metal cabinets. It requires a key to be open, which means you have to keep your key safe. For some cabinet models, one key is available on request in case of loss of keys by the user.

The key lock comes with two keys.

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Characteristics :

  • Secure and robust closure
  • Lock delivered with two keys
  • Possibility of having a key passes in case of key loss

How does a key lock for metal cabinet work?

One key lock for wardrobe metallic works similar to one lock for entrance door. It is designed to secure one wardrobe metallic, often used to store documents value objects or other important articles. To understand how this works lock, it is important to know the various components that compose it.

The cylinder and the pins

First of all, there is the cylinder, which is the heart of lock. The cylinder is one metallic part which contains pins and springs. These are pins are different lengths and are arranged in two rows aligned with slots in the cylinder. The key, for its part, has pockets corresponding to the pins that allow for'align the pins and turn it cylinder. When you insert the key into the key cylinder and turn it, the key slots push pins upwards in the slots of cylinder. When all pins are aligned to the cutting line between the cylinder and cylinder of the lockcylinder turn, which allows unlock the lock or of lock.

Multipoint locking system

The lock for wardrobe metallic may also be equipped one locking system multipoints. That means that lock has several points de closure, generally three or more, which lock in the structure of the'wardrobe metallic when the key is turned. This offers better security and makes any attempt harder'erase par crochet or other techniques used by robbery.

Selection of a high-security lock

In terms of security, it is important to choose one lock high quality to ensure protection of your property. The locks certified are often recommended, as they have been tested and approved to resist attempts to'violations and burglaries.

In conclusion, one key lock for wardrobe metallic works by using cylinder which is turned using a key for lock or unlock the lock. This lock can be equipped one locking system multipoints and maybe recessed or larded. It is important to choose one high safety lock and appeal to one professional locksmith to install and adjust lock correctly.

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