Clean and dirty industrial locker room

Designed to equip your business lockers, these metal lockers are available in two versions:

- for clean industries: they are equipped with a rod and a high shelf, allowing to store personal effects and workwear;

- for the salting industries: a vertical separation in each locker allows separate storage of city clothing and working clothing. They are equipped with a rod in both parts of the locker and a shelf high of the total width.

Made of welded phosphate steel with an omega of reinforcement inside each door, IP and IS lockers provide strength and robustness. Our IP and IS lockers are available in 2 widths: 300 and 400mm, they are available from 1 to 3 columns (in width 400 mm) and from 1 to 4 columns (in width 300 mm).

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  • Height: 1800mm
  • Height with 140mm feet: 1940mm (optional feet)
  • Width: 300 or 400mm
  • Depth: 500mm

Standard equipment:

  • Vertical separation on IS locker
  • Fixed shelf
  • Tringle with 2 hooks
  • Pattern
  • Label holder
  • Mirror
  • High and low ventilation
  • Opening of the door at 100°
  • Serrure 1 serial point
  • Key closure or serial lock
  • 17 colors for choice without extra charge

Optional equipment:

  • Roof hair inclined
  • Banc
  • Uncle
  • Pieds
  • Egouttoir shoes
  • Different types of lock to choose
  • Color dressing

Metal jacket for clean industry

Companies that do not need to protect themselves from contamination or the spread of particles, such as research laboratories, call centres or architecture offices, can opt for a locker room for a clean industry.

This type of locker must be equipped with individual lockers to allow employees to safely store their personal effects. It must also provide sufficient space for employees to easily and comfortably change.

Akaze offers two types of dressing rooms for clean industries. The first is a classic metal dresser designed to store employee's personal effects. The second is a sechanting vest specially designed to keep workers' clothes dry after a working day. The latter is particularly suitable for workers who evolve outside or in wetland environments.

Metal jacket for the dirty industry

Companies operating in dirty industrial environments, such as chemical, pharmaceutical and meat processing industries, must provide their workers with individual protection equipment (IPEs) such as gloves, blouses or boots to avoid contamination and the spread of particles.

To facilitate the process of decontamination and change, these companies need suitable dressings equipped with a sas.

Akaze offers two types of dressing rooms for dirty industries: the classic metal dresser to store personal effects and sechanting vest, designed to keep workers' clothing dry after a working day.

Let's explain the difference between the two lockers in a blog post.

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