• Firefighter
  • Firefighter
  • Firefighter
  • Perforated background
  • Mail inbox
  • Feet with adjustment screw
  • Firefighter


Thought to facilitate the life of the rescuers firefighter's locker has many facilities that make it very convenient and facilitate the daily life.

The fire cabinet is proposed in two models: simple or double. Its construction in electrozing plate 8/10th for the body of the cabinet and 10/10th for the doors gives it great strength. Perforations on the sides allow to fix different cabinets between them and thus create large, very solid modules. The indegondable doors are reinforced on the central part, equipped with vacuum poles, 2 poles, a slit mail with indicator, a label holder, an anti-noise stop and 4 high and low aerations. The cabinets have a perforated base, 4 feet of 100mm with adjustment cylinder. The standard model is red for doors and grey for the body of the cabinet. Their closure is lockable.

The fireroom is proposed in two widths: 500 and 950mm, single or double version.

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  • Height 2050mm
  • Width 500 and 950mm
  • Deep 550mm

Standard equipment:

  • 1 high welded shelf
  • 1 welded low shelf
  • 2 pedestal wardrobes
  • 1 vertical separation forming 2 pendries (widths 200 and 300mm)
  • 1 bass tablet in the right closet
  • Adjustable 100mm stainless steel feet
  • Empty pocket integrated in the door
  • 2 potatoes
  • Mail reception desk with indicator
  • Label holder
  • Anti-noise
  • RAL3000 red colour for doors and RAL7035 for cabinet body

What's a fireroom?

Thought to facilitate the life of the rescuers, the firefighter is the essential element for a practical and organized storage within emergency centres and fire stations. Designed especially to meet the needs of rescue professionals, this equipment offers many features that make its daily use extremely convenient.

Invest in one quality firefighter locker, which combines strength, practicality and functionality, to ensure an optimal organization of your equipment and facilitate the work of firefighters.

The solidity of the fireroom

Made of electrozing sheet metal, with a cabinet body in 8/10th and doors in 10/10th, the fire cabinet stands out for its exceptional strength. Its reinforced structure ensures all-proof resistance, providing optimal protection to your equipment. The perforations on the sides allow you to attach several cabinets between them, creating solid and durable modules.

The undeniable doors of the firefighter are reinforced at the central level and are equipped with various practical features. An integrated pouch, 2 pots, a mail slot with indicator, a label holder, an anti-noise stop and 4 high and low aerations are included to facilitate the storage of your firefighter outfits and equipment. In addition, the cabinets have a perforated base and have 4 feet of 100 mm with adjustable cylinder for optimum stability.

Available options for fire locker

Our range of fire lockers offers customizable options to perfectly meet your specific needs. You have the choice between two models: single or double, depending on the space you have and the desired storage capacity. In addition, our fire locker room is available in two widths: 500 mm and 950 mm, in order to adapt perfectly to your layout constraints.

Opt for one resistant fire cabinet, equipped with a reinforced structure and practical equipment, for optimal storage of your emergency equipment. Whether for boots, helmets, uniforms or any other equipment essential to firefighters, our metal cabinet will meet your storage needs.

Do not forget to include a space dedicated to emergency equipment, with specific compartments for boots, helmets and other essential equipment. In this way, you will be able to improve efficiency during emergency operations.

Finally, for more comfort, think to make available metal benches to allow the firefighters to get into workwear. These benches will also serve as rest benches during rest periods between the interventions.

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