Dry or dry ribbon shoes

Our sechanting column or dry wall shoes allows to dry simultaneously and quickly the inside of your shoes and work boots. This dry shoe is essential for workers in wet and cold environments.

Nos dry shoes are perfect for drying shoes and gloves. Available in version 10 and 20 pairs on request.

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Characteristics of dry wall shoes


  • Height 1970mm
  • Width 340mm
  • Depth 480mm

Standard equipment:

  • Pulsed hot air drying
  • Ventilation 300m3/h
  • Armoured resistance 350W
  • Aluminium Tige
  • Galvanized steel body epoxy black
  • Mechanical timer (0 to 120min)
  • Fusible protection

Safety standards:

  • Symbol EC
  • Resistance class IP21
  • Thermal protection against overheating

What is a dryer?

The drying, also called dry gloves, is an effective solution for simultaneous and fast drying several pairs of shoes. This quick operation is made possible thanks to a remarkable airflow, combined with the heat emitted by the resistances. Thus, the air ejected from the tube shows a temperature greater than 15 degrees than ambient air. The electric housing positioned in height has the role to recover hot air surrounding, while preserving water flows, guaranteeing a efficient and secure drying.

Who is this drying device for?

The drying column is particularly suitable for workers working in difficult, wet or cold environments, also making an ideal choice for ski resorts. For more information, please visit the site

What are the advantages of using dryer?

The adoption of this sechanting column offer several advantages, including employee comfort prevention of bad odours and extension of shoe life avoiding premature wear.

Why choose the dryer Akaze?

The drying Akaze, made in France, stands out by a robust steel structure 15/10th, coated with epoxy paint baked in the oven. Tube feet 40x40 are solidly welded and equipped with adjustable cylinders, ensuring optimal upgrade. Plus, one wall mounting kit is included, offering flexibility of installation.

The tube shoe support, designed in anodized aluminium, is equipped with standings and a polypropylene base solidly fixed by punching screws, ensuring greater stability and durability.

What are the safety standards met by the Akaze sechanting cabinet?

The sechanting cabinet Akaze answers safety standards, including thermal protection against overheating, as well as EC standards.

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