Metal dressing feet

What are the various foot options for your metal dressing?

For perfect harmony, we recommend ordering the feet simultaneously with your metal cabinet.

What are the various foot options for your metal dressing?

Diversify your selection feet for metal dressings with options'AKAZE. Opt for your elevation metal cabinet thanks to our robust feet in stainless steel, available in two heights. Upgrade your 39 cm space with our metal feet elegant, or prefer a 14 cm elevation thanks to our specific feet. To avoid the accumulation of dust below the'wardrobe metal base 14 cm is a practical solution.

Also make the choice of ergonomic design with our uncle equipped with an integrated bench. This innovative option not only enhances your wardrobe 39 cm, but also offers a convenient space for users so that they can change and remove their shoes easily.


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How to attach the metal feet to the cabinet?

Feel free to contact our sales department for more information.

How to attach the metal feet to the cabinet?

Facilitate the installation of your metal cabinets with our feet and metal base adjustable. Fix them in all simplicity using screws and screwdriver, guaranteeing stability and robustness to your furniture. For easy installation, order your feet at the same time as your vestiaire en steel stainless.

Enjoy a metal furniture ready to use, with options stainless steel base and adaptable dimensions. Contact Akaze for any questions about these accessories fixation.

What benefits offer metal feet for your metal lockers?

The feet metallic offer many benefits for vestiaires metal.

Upgrading of the dressing room

First of all, they allow to raise them vestiaires, thus offering easy access to the ground for cleaning. This feature is particularly useful in areas of activity where vestiaires may be subject to conditions wetland or dirty, as in'clean industry or in barracks firefighters.

Solidity of the cabinet

The feet metallic also bring great solidity to the whole structure of the vestiaires. Indeed, they offer solid and stable support, thus preventing any risk of reversal or imbalance. This ensures user safety and avoids any risk of injury.

Gain place

In addition, feet metallic allow for space gain considerable. On top of them vestiaires, they create a free space below that can be used to store additional objects such as shoes or boxes of storage. This allows to maximize the'space available in vestiaires and make them more functional.

Easy maintenance

The feet metallic also offer high resistance to'wear and the corrosion. Made in metal solid steel, they are designed to resist environments the most demanding and stay in good condition for many years. This is particularly important in industries where'wear daily vestiaires can be important, as in heavy industry or in sectors requiring the use of working clothing. In addition, feet metallic are very easy to maintain. Thanks to their material sustainable and resistant, they are simple to clean and disinfect, which is essential to maintain one environment hygienic in vestiaires.

Whether in industry, communities or offices, foot use metallic for your vestiaires metal is a wise choice to guarantee sustainability and the functionality of your facilities.