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Our drying cabinets

Discover our heated furniture, particularly suitable for outdoor workers.

Our drying cabinets

Akaze conçoit du metal furniture integrating heating and ventilation system enabling dry clothes, shoes, gloves and other equipment, thus ensuring one incomparable comfort to all people working in sometimes difficult conditions. These are cabinets and attractive wardrobes making it indispensable for workers outside such as construction sites, road or road works, railway, airports, mines, refrigerating areas, ski resorts and many other areas.

The sechanting cabinet Akaze answer all safety standards french and european and allows you to offer your users optimal conditions.

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The attractive cabinet: an innovative product

50 years of know-how in sechanting furniture

The attractive cabinet: an innovative product

The sechanting furniture Akaze benefits from 50 years of experience the french company to have patented first sechanting furniture system. This know-how makes it possible to design high-performance and qualitative furniture today. The enchanting cabinet has a condensation evacuation pipe cleared by the drying system and are equipped with programmer or timer. It is made of stainless steel sheet or stainless steel to protect it from corrosion.

The individual or shared cabinet for up to 12 people

Akaze, offers you a variation of drying systems designed dry clothes, shoes and gloves for all professionals (construction, skiing, clean and dirty industry, airport, mine and refrigeration environment):

  • The shoe dryer, More precisely the sechanting column is available in several formats. This makes it possible to dry from 5 to 20 pairs of shoes and gloves simultaneously. Its structure takes little space is ideal in small spaces.
  • The IP IS drying locker room, , the sechanting locker for clean and dirty industry was designed to dry wet or damp clothes in just a few hours to ensure comfort when the user reuses his outfit.
  • The drying closet, ideal for outdoor workers, the heated wardrobe allows dry clothes, shoes and gloves work of 7 or 12 people according to the model.
  • The multi sechanting cabinet, available in two formats, the sechanting cabinet has one heating and ventilation for business 6 or 12 people.
  • The sechanting assailing cabinet, , the cabinet allows you to dry, deodorize and disinfect in your workwear in record time. Reliable on viruses and bacteria, the use of the BioZone® generator destroys 99.9% of viruses in 30 minutes

Options integrated into our sewing systems

Akaze heating cabinets and dressing rooms can be customized to meet business needs.

Options include a built-in timer to limit overconsumption, an electronic clock for programmed drying cycles, shelves for more storage space, rods to store clothes, supports for gloves and towel dryers, as well as an air purification device using a germicidal lamp for a healthier environment.

Whether you're looking to save energy, organize your space, or improve air quality, there are a variety of options available to customize your wardrobe or heated dressing room. OURCommercial team stands at your disposal to exchange on your need and offer the sechanting cabinet who will answer it.

Why choose his wardrobe or warming wardrobe at Akaze ?

Our sechanting furniture range is available in several models to best meet your needs: individual or collective furniture, suitable for clothing and various equipment, possible customization of cabinets thanks to many additional options: dryer gloves, towel dryer, rod, shelves, different timers, etc.

Made in France, , our wardrobes, cabinets and sechanting columns benefit aKAZE expertise in design solid and durable metal furniture, our products also benefit from the years know-how of a pioneering company in the manufacturing of drying systems integrated with furniture, present in the ski area for more than 50 years. This is the guarantee of reliable furniture, efficient and sustainable over time

Why choose Akaze ?

Located in Anjou, near Cholet, we are a company specialized in manufacturing and distribution de metal furniture for more than 20 years. With our extensive expertise and a permanent stock, we are able to respond quickly and efficiently to your metal furniture needs.

Our sales team is composed metal furniture experts who will be able to guide you in your research and advise you on the products best suited to your needs. We are committed to providing you with a quality service, respecting reasonable delivery times which we validate even before signing the quote.

By choosing Akaze, you opt for something durable metal furniture and efficient for everyday use, accompanied by a high quality customer service.

What is a drying cabinet ?

Our drying cabinets are designed for dry without mechanical action from you. They are essential in activities with problems of humidity and cold such as in ski resorts, fire stations, airports, technical centers but also in certain industries. Charming cabinets Akaze allow you to dry large quantities of linen, shoes, gloves in a very short time.

How do the sewing cabinets work ?

Our wardrobes are equipped heating and ventilation system made for dry clothes, shoes and gloves which ensures unmatched comfort to all people working in difficult conditions.

Each wardrobe has one evacuatio pipen of condensation the drying system. . Our drying cabinets respond to all safety standards in force: EC symbol, IP21 resistance class, thermal protection against overheating.

The benefits of heated and ventilated dressing room for professionals

Fast drying thanks to the heating cabinet for clothing

The enchanting cabinet can be used alone or integrated into a sechanting dressing room, thus offering a complete solution for dry clothes and shoes work. With his fast drying time (in just a few hours), this cabinet is a Essential equipment for professionals who must wear wet or wet clothing and work shoes.

By significantly reducing drying time, this heating cabinet helps to improve productivity allowing workers to have dry clothes and shoes more quickly, without having to wait for drying to occur naturally.

Impeccable hygiene with the sechanting cabinet

The enchanting cabinet is a practical equipment for dry wet clothes and shoes. But it also offers an important advantage in hygiene: it limits the spread of viruses by drying clothes quickly and efficiently, thus preventing the proliferation of bacteria.

Akaze goes even further by offeringa sechanting cabinet stirring which, in addition to drying, also allows deodorize and disinfect clothing and shoes, thus providing additional protection against unpleasant odors and pathogens.

Extend the life of work clothing

The Akaze drying cabinet dry your clothes and shoes without risking damage. Unlike traditional drying methods, this cabinet uses controlled temperatures to ensure your textiles are dried gently, without suffering damage from excessive heat.

In fact, high temperatures can damage the fibres of clothing and footwear, making them shrink, discolor or even deform. However, the drying cabinet Akaze is equipped a thermostat which allows to maintain a constant and gentle temperature to dry your textiles safely.

Our team is here to advise you on our products and respond to your specific requests, do not hesitate to contact us.

How can we solve the nuisances of cold and humidity at work ?

Thanks to sechanting cabinets Akaze, clothes, gloves and shoes will remain dry. Discover our entire range of attractive products designed to meet the problems of cold and humidity.