Drying sanitizer cabinet

We have designed an assailing cabinet that incorporates a drying, deodorization and disinfection system that allows you to offer healthy equipment to your employees.

In addition to its heating feature, the cabinet is equipped with BioZone technology®. This technology uses oxygen sorting, a powerful means of disinfection, whose efficacy has been proven by independent laboratories (documentation available upon request). Resistant to viruses and bacteria, the use of the BioZone® generator destroys 99.9% of viruses in 30 minutes. Trioxy is 50 times more effective than chlorine for disinfection and its effects are visible 3000 times faster.

It also eliminates radically and completely all kinds of odors.

Thanks to its attractive, disinfecting and deodorizing action on all types of equipment, the cabinet provides an improvement in working conditions, providing real safety in the face of the risks of contagion and unmatched comfort to all people working under sometimes difficult conditions and at risk of contagion due to the sharing of collective equipment.

All cabinets have a condensation evacuation duct released by the drying system and are equipped with a programmer or timer. They are made of stainless steel sheet or thermolaqué steel to protect them from corrosion.


  • Height 2180mm
  • Width 800mm
  • Depth 700mm

Standard equipment:

  • BioZone generator: use of trioxygen, 50x more effective than chlorine against viruses and bacteria
  • A rod and 6 pairs of blowing tubes for shoes
  • Galvanized steel construction 15/10th thick
  • Single-bloc cabinet
  • Closing door 3 points per key
  • Doors on indegondable hinges
  • Adjustable feet for upgrade
  • Pulsed hot air dry
  • Wet air extraction system
  • Power 1680 watts
  • On/Off switch to launch the disinfection and drying cycle
  • Drying time per timer

Optional equipment:

  • Grilled shelves
  • Additional Clothing Tring
  • Dry shoes or gloves

Safety standards:

  • Symbol EC
  • Resistance class IP21
  • Thermal protection against overheating

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