Multi drying cabinet

Our sechante wardrobe made in France has been designed dry clothes, shoes and gloves and thus ensure unparalleled comfort for all people working in sometimes difficult conditions. This system is essential for outdoor workers, such as construction sites, road or road works, railways, airports, mines, refrigerated areas, ski resorts and many others.

The sechanting cabinets all condensation evacuation pipe released by the drying system and are equipped with a programmator or timer. They are made of stainless steel sheet or thermolaqué steel to protect them from corrosion.

Cabinet available in version 12 people on request.

Features of the sechanting cabinet


Model 6 persons

  • Height 2180mm
  • Width 800mm
  • Depth 700mm

Standard equipment:

  • Sechanting monobloc cabinet
  • A tringle and a serial grilled shelves
  • Galvanized steel cabinet riveted 15/10th thickness
  • Lock door 3 points
  • Doors on indegondable hinges
  • Adjustable feet for upgrade
  • Intense and fast drying in closed circuit
  • 1600Watt, 230 volts 10/20 amperes
  • On/Off switch

Optional equipment:

  • Cleaning of air by germinicide lamp
  • Electronic timer (1-12h)
  • Electronic clock (7 days)
  • Additional grilled shelves
  • Dryer shoes or gloves
  • Additional clothing needle

Safety standards:

  • Symbol EC
  • Resistance class IP21
  • Thermal protection against overheating

What is a professional sechanting cabinet?

Akaze has developed in France a sechanting wardrobe specially designed ensure complete drying clothes and accessories. Integrating a heating and ventilation system, this sechanting wardrobe ensures unmatched comfort to workers operating under sometimes difficult conditions, such as construction sites, road works, railway environments, airports, mining, refrigeration, ski resorts, and many others.

To ensure the safety of working clothing and personal effects, the cabinet is equipped with a 3-point key lock, and has a tringle and a grilled shelf to suspend the jackets and put the shoes. Two models are available, suitable for 6 or 12 people.

How does a sechanting cabinet work?

To start the sechanting cabinet, just plug it into an electric socket. A mechanism to propel air to allow a rapid and intensive drying clothing, footwear and accessories from workers. A on/off button simplifies the control the sechanting cabinet. Akaze also offers additional features such as an integrated electric clock and one electronic timer to plan the drying cycle.

How to choose its drying cabinet?

The selection of the drying cabinet appropriately depends on the space available in your premises and the number of users expected. It is essential to anticipate enough'space in the wardrobe for the business of all employees to ensure adequate drying. Explore the full range of sechanting cabinets of Akaz, including sechanting changing rooms, sewing columns, heating cabinets, and many more.

What are the safety standards of the Akaze sechanting cabinet?

The attractive cabinet Akaze responds to safety standards the highest, including thermal protection anti-heating thermal resistance class IP21 and eC standards.

The sechanting furniture range

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