Metal cabinet for professionals

Metal cabinet for professionals

Explore our full range of cabinets, designed to meet specific needs for each situation.

Metal cabinet for professionals

THE'metal cabinet offers storage solution ideal for professionals from all sectors. Whether to organize tools in a workshop, classify records in an office or store personal effects in lockers, metal cabinet is always tailored to the needs of companies. She's both solid and customizable, allowing you to securely stored thanks to a reliable lock system.

If you are looking for metal cabinet that meets your requirements, don't look anymore, Akaze is there to advise you in your choice. You will undoubtedly find ideal storage solution. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our sales department!


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Akaze, specialist in metal cabinet

20 years of experience in metal storage construction.

Akaze, specialist in metal cabinet

Akaze is a company specializing in metal furniture for professionals for over 20 years. Over the years, we have sought to better understand the specific needs of each sector in terms of storage and storage. We are aware that every trade is unique, which is why we design metal cabinetsadapted to different areas such as workshops, offices, communities and industries.

Whether it's tool storage solutions, document classification or industrial storage, Akaze offers customized solutions to your needs.

How to choose a metal cabinet?

When it comes to choosing a metal cabinet, several factors must be taken into account to find the ideal storage solution. Here are some important points to consider:

What budget for a metal cabinet?

The budget is an essential element to be taken into account when buying a metal cabinet. It is important to define a realistic budget according to your needs and the quality you want. Metal cabinets vary in size, functionality and finishes, which can influence their price. At Akaze, we offer a wide range of options to meet different budgets. Do one request for quote via our contact form.

How to maintain a metal cabinet?

Regular maintenance of metal cabinet is crucial to ensuring sustainability and preserving its appearance. It is recommended to clean the cabinet regularly using a soft and non-abrasive cloth, avoiding aggressive chemicals. Also ensure that locks and hinges are checked and lubricated if necessary. For specific maintenance advice, please consult our experts.

Customize your metal cabinet (select from 17 colors):

At Akaze, we understand the importance of personalizing your storage space to fit your professional environment. This is why we offer a wide range of color choices for our metal cabinets. With 17 available colors, you can find the one that fits perfectly with your style and work atmosphere.

Are our metal cabinets compliant with standards?

The safety and compliance shave paramount when choosing a metal cabinet. At Akaze, our metal cabinets are conforming to european standards the highest safety and quality. You can be assured that our products meet the requirements of reliability, resistance and durability.

Metal cabinet for all trades

Whether you are in the industry, crafts or services sector, a metal cabinet offers a convenient and secure storage solution. Here is how our range of metal cabinets meets the specific needs of each trade:

The metal cabinet:

The metal cabinet of workshop is designed to meet the diversified storage requirements of the tools. With adjustable shelves, practical drawers and specific compartments, it offers an optimal organisation for professionals in various fields. Some workshop cabinets are designed with drawers, while others are equipped with'shelves, to offer you one storage space more practical. In addition, you can use compartments to organize your small tools. If you have little space, don't worry, we also have planned some space wall cabinets to optimize space and allow you to install them wherever you want.

Our top three: the workshop cabinet to be fixed, workshop cabinet SFR, sWM workshop cabinet.

The metal cabinet:

In an office environment, metal cabinet office is essential for the storage of folders, the recharging of mobile phones or computers, and the storage of employee personal effects. With options such as adjustable shelves, lockable drawers and customizable compartments, it meets the specific needs of each company. whether it's a sliding door cabinet, sliding doors or curtain doors, you'll find your happiness and set up your offices as you like!

Our top three: the curtain door cabinet, the Vigicube recharge cabinet, the swinging door cabinet.

The metal cabinet for industrialists:

Industries often require secure lockers for their staff. Nos industrial metal cabinets provide a reliable solution for the storage of personal protective equipment (IPE) and personal effects. They are robust, resistant and complying with the highest safety standards.

Our top three: the cabinet, the locker cabinet, the cabinet to recharge the scooters (available in steel or wood).

At Akaze, as manufacturer of professional metal cabinets, we understand the specific needs of each sector and commit ourselves to providing solutions durable metal storage, functional and conforming to safety standards. Trust our expertise to find the perfect metal cabinet for your business, office, garage or industry.

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