• Perforated internal wall
  • CETAMCSZW 080 / H600xL800xP200
  • CETAMCSZW 120 / H600xL1200xP200
  • CETAMCSZW 121 / H600xL1200xP200
  • CETAMCSZW 123 / H600xL1200xD200
  • Cetamcszw 122 / H750XL1200XP200

Workshop cabinet to fix

Workshop cabinets offer easy access to tools, they are ideal for keeping an organized and well-placed workstation.

The perforated internal walls allow you to have the hooks for all your tools.


The workshop cabinets to be fixed are delivered not assembled.


Our range of workshop cabinets to be fixed are available in 5 models, ranging from 800 to 1200mm wide.

Discover our range workshop furniture.


  • Height 600 or 750mm
  • Width 800 or 1200mm
  • Depth 200mm

Find all the dimensions of our 5 workshop cabinets to be fixed in downloadable documentation.

Standard equipment:

  • Closure 1 point
  • Key lock
  • 17 colors for choice without extra charge

According to the models:

  • Crochets,
  • Shelves
  • Key supports, foret, screwdriver, wooden scissors

What is a workshop cabinet?

One wardrobe workshop is a storage furniture very versatile and indispensable in working environment like a workshop. She is designed especially to meet the needs of storage and the organization of tools small equipmentsupplies and various equipment used in this specific space. The cabinets akaze workshop are made of metal, offering a robustness and a sustainability exceptional.

They consist of a wardrobe monobloc with swinging doorssliding or folding according to the models. The cabinets workshop can also be equipped de adjustable tablets en height and drawers to optimize the'storage space. These are cabinets are facilities de compartmentsshelvesdrawerslockers and pendries suitable for specific needs each user.

Thanks to them domestic arrangement ergonomic and their storage capacitycabinets workshop allows to maximize the'space available and maintain one working environment ordered and functional.

What are the advantages of a workshop cabinet to be fixed?

L’wardrobe workshop to be fixed Akaze offers many advantages for development and storage de your space work.

  • First, it allows to optimize the use of space by fixing the space'wardrobe on the wall. This allows the release of the place on the ground, which is particularly valuable in a workshop where space can be limited.
  • The cabinets workshop are equipped of several compartmentsadjustable tablets and hooks, which facilitates organisation and storage your tools, parts and supplies. You can do this storage your objects according to your specific needs and find them quickly when you need it.
  • The cabinets workshop Akaze are robust and resistant, made of solid metal. This guarantees them sustainability and their ability to bear significant loads. On security cabinets workshop are facilities de swinging doorslockable key. This allows you to keep your tools and supplies safe and protect against unauthorized flights or access.

In conclusion, the cabinets workshop to be fixed offer many advantages and are ideal for develop a space effective and functional, whether in a workshop, a garage or an office.

Customize your workshop cabinet

You can choose from 17 different colors for your tool storage. This allows you to choose one wardrobe that integrates harmoniously in your space which corresponds to your preferences aesthetics.

The Akaze workshop cabinet range

Akaze, expert from metal furniture for more than 20 years, offers a complete range of'workshop cabinet designed to meet the specific needs of garages workshops and other professional environments. Here are some of the options available:

  • The workshop cabinet to be fixed is ideal for putting some tools without taking too much space. It offers a convenient storage space to keep your tools at hand.
  • The multi-range workshop cabinet is the essential of any workshop. You can choose from different models that match your specific needs. These cabinets offer sufficient space to classify and store all your tools, thus facilitating the organization of your workspace.
  • Computer cabinet is specially designed to protect your computer from elements such as dust and projections. It ensures a safe and clean environment for your computer hardware.
  • The storage cabinet is perfect for storing different types of equipment. It helps maintain your well-organized workspace and facilitates the inventory of your supplies.
  • The workshop cabinet with holes is an interesting option that allows you to quickly view all your hardware. However, it is important to note that hole exposure can lead to dust accumulation, requiring regular maintenance to maintain the cleanliness of your equipment.
  • Workshop cabinet with plexiglas doors is a convenient solution to easily visualize the stored material while protecting it from dust. Plexiglas doors offer clear visibility, allowing you to quickly identify what you need.

It is essential to maintain your workshop cabinet to ensure its longevity and preserve its intact appearance. Make sure to clean surfaces regularly, lubricate locks if necessary and inspect the fixation elements to avoid potential problems. By choosing a metal cabinet adapted to your specific needs and with proper maintenance, you can benefit from an efficient, organized and sustainable storage space for your workshop equipment and tools.

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