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  • computer cabinet akaze
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  • SPNK - computer cabinet akaze
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  • SMK - akaze computer cabinet
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  • SMK2 - akaze computer cabinet
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  • SMK3
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Computer equipment

The computer cabinets Akaze offers a solution to improve the efficiency of your workshop by allowing you to store your working computer safe, while protecting it from dust. This helps to prolong it life your computer equipment. Akaze offers a range of five models of computer cabinets which can be adapted to your specific needs.

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Akaze computer cabinets

The SPNK computer cabinet

Shallow in depth, this cabinet is perfectly suited to accommodate LCD screens up to 22" in size. The cabinet is IP-42 compliant. The base can be easily earthed. The cabinet is equipped as standard with a fan and a power socket. Various locks can be installed on it, and the cabinet legs have adjustable screws

Dimensions :

  • Height 1,770 mm
  • Width 755mm
  • Depth 330 mm

The SMK computer cabinet

The large glass surface in the upper part of the cabinet allows you to comfortably view the screen, while the lower part, closed, protects the computer and accessories. An extendable shelf makes it easy to use the keyboard. The shelf is height adjustable depending on the type of computer installed in the cabinet. The computer cabinet is equipped with a fan and ventilation holes on its rear side. It is mounted on feet with adjustment screws to adjust it to each type of floor

Dimensions :

  • Height 1 750 mm
  • Width 640 mm
  • Depth 630 mm

The SMK2 computer cabinet

With its door on its entire height, the SMK2 IT cabinet is made of steel sheet 0.8mm thickness. The screen shelf is fixed and can accommodate a screen up to 17". Other shelves can be adjusted every 25mm. To easily access and use the keyboard and mouse, a fixed shelf is to be mounted on the front of the cabinet. The cabinet is equipped with a fan and a multiprise with 4 sockets

Dimensions :

  • Height 1 600 mm
  • Width 550 mm
  • Depth 550 mm

The SMK3 computer cabinet

The computer cabinet is equipped with a drawer to accommodate the keyboard and a stretch shelf in the lower compartment, which can accommodate a printer for example. The side walls are disaggregated. The rear wall includes holes for power supply. The cabinet screen is made of tempered glass and the feet are adjustable. Various locks are available on this cabinet model. It can be mounted with wheels on request

Dimensions :

  • Height 1545 mm
  • Width 640 mm
  • Depth 635 mm

The SMK4 computer cabinet

This cabinet is suitable for using an LCD screen. An extendable shelf makes using the keyboard easy and comfortable. The rear wall of the cabinet has ventilation holes. An adjustable shelf inside the cabinet adapts to the type of computer used

Dimensions :

  • Height 1 750 mm
  • Width 640 mm
  • Depth 630 mm

How to choose the right computer cabinet ?

When it comes to choosing acomputer cabinet, it is essential to take into account several elements to guarantee the proper functioning ofyour spaceWork.

The type of computer cabinet

Acomputer cabinetIs onestorage cabinetSpecially designed to accommodate and protect your electronic equipment, such as computersprintersAnd the servers. First, the amount of equipment you want to store in the'armoireMust be taken into consideration. You have to evaluate the number of computers'printersOr other electronic devices you want to place thereThis will allow you to choose aarmoireAdapted to your capacity needs.

The space available

Then it is important to take into account the'space availableIn your office or officebedroom. Measure thewidth, theheightAnd the depth of the space where you want to install the'armoire. This will help you choose onearmoireThat fits perfectly inyour space. You can opt for onewall cabinetIf you wantwinning the place, orlow cabinetIf you prefer to have onestorage spaceExtra.

The choice of materials

The manufacturing materials of thearmoireIs also a crucial aspect to consider. Themetal cabinets, steel orsheet metal as at home Never, offer great durability and resistance toshocks. There are alsocabinetsInmelamine, which offer good value for money. Choose the material that best matches your preferencesaestheticsAnd your needs in terms ofsolidity.


In terms of functionality, featurescabinetsComputersBe equippedOf variousstorage optionsTo optimise the organisation of your equipment. TheAdjustable shelvesInheightAllow you to customize the'storage spaceDepending on the size of your devices. ThedrawersAndcompartmentsOffer youstorage solutionsAdditional cables, cablesoffice suppliesAndfiles suspended. THEswinging doorsOrslidingAllow easy access to your equipment while preserving an aspectaestheticCareful.


THE'aerationOf the'armoireIs another aspect to consider. Make sure the'armoireHas systemsventilationAdequate forcoolYour electronic equipment and avoidingoverheating. THEcabinetsWithgridsDeventilationOr perforated panels ensure good air circulation inside thearmoire.


Finally, remember to take into account practical aspects such as practical aspectshandles, THErouletteTo facilitate the movement of thewardrobe andThecolors availableTo adapt to your decorationinside. Akaze offers you the choice between 17 colors.

In conclusion, choose onecomputer cabinetTailored to your needs is essential to ensureworkspaceWell organized andfunctional. Take into account thestorage capacity, space available, manufacturing materials, functionalitiesaerationAnd practical aspects to find'armoireWhich will best meet your expectations. Do not hesitate to consult a professional to help you make the right choice andarrange your spaceWorking optimally.

How to install a computer cabinet ?

Installation of acomputer cabinetIs a crucial step in setting up acomputer networkEffective. ThisarmoireIs often calledbrewing bayserver bayOrcomputer rack. It constitutes the heart of yourinformatique infrastructureBy housing all the equipment andcRequirementsgood operationYour network.


  • To start, it is essential to choose the right location for yourarmoire. Close to a plug.
  • Make sure there is enough space to access the front and back of the'armoire, as this will facilitate maintenance andcable management. .
  • It is also important to anticipate a goodventilationAnd onecooling systemAdequate to avoidoverheatingEquipment.
  • Before installing the'armoire, you must make sure you have all the equipment andcablesNecessary at hand. This includes theethernet cables, THEfiber optic cables, THEcordsAndconnectorsAppropriate.


  • Once the location is selected and the equipment is assembled, start by installing therails verticalInside the'armoire. These arerailsWill be used to fix themdifferent equipmentAnd will allow height adjustment.


  • Make sure they are well fixed and stable. Then you can start to organize and tolinkThecables. Brace themcablesIn thebrewing bayBy carefully organizing themcordsAndcablesTo avoid entanglements and crosses. Use cable clamps and fasteners to maintaincablesIn place and make sure they are neither too tense nor too cowardly. Thenetwork cablingIs a crucial step in the installation of the'computer cabinet

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