School furniture

The school furniture Akaze

Akaze cabinets and lockers are completely customizable, you can choose the dimensions as well as the colors.

The school furniture Akaze

Akaze is a company specializing in manufacturing and distribution metal furniture especially for schools. Our range of school furniture composed of lockers and wardrobes meets requirements of the schools such as colleges and high schools, and offers a practical and effective storage solution for students.

The range school furniture consists of several products, including school register visitablethe classic locker cabinetthe sports cabinettrolley to recharge tabletscart for charging laptopsshelves for libraries and range scooters for students. Each product is designed to meet the specific storage needs of schools.

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The advantages of school storage furniture

Opt for color on your school lockers to brighten up your hallways a little and reinforce your identity.

The advantages of school storage furniture

The school storage furniture is more than just a piece of furniture. It is the backbone of the organization of the school, from college to higher education. Lockers and storage cabinets are essential to ensure the safety and management of the personal objects of students and staff. And that is why it is essential to choose furniture quality, robust and reliable.

The school storage furniture must adapt to different spaces, whether it is protected outdoor areas or corridors, while offering an optimal storage solution that does not harm the aesthetics of the school. Students must be able to store their business easily, with sufficient space for books, bags and clothing. Think about it too customize your furniture the colors of your institution to strengthen your identity!

School furniture: wardrobes and lockers for schools

Akaze offers different storage and storage solutions for your school.

Discover our school furniture:

  • The visiting school record: these lockers are available in two sizes to fit users, such as students and students. Lockers can be locked with a key or a lock. A central lock allows to open all lockers in the column.
  • The classic locker cabinet: the classic locker cabinet has no central lock. It is available in two widths: 300 mm and 400 mm, with 2 to 5 lockers per column and 1 to 4 columns depending on the width.
  • The sports cabinet: sometimes forgotten from some establishments, the sports cabinet remains indispensable to store sports equipment.
  • The wagon to load the tablets: the tablet trolley with battery charging allows to store, load and move safely up to 32 tablets and a computer. It's perfect for schools because students can load their tablets at night.
  • The wagon to load the laptops: the computer trolley is perfect for storing and charging students' laptops safely. It can contain and recharge from 10 to 30 laptops according to the model.
  • The shelves for libraries: these shelves are suitable for university and other reading rooms. They have sides that allow to see the books on both sides and have vertical separators and shelves for books and newspapers. Each section is labeled to facilitate identification.
  • The scooter range for students: Akaze offers a parking support for electric and manual steel scooters. It can contain up to 10 scooters, is secure with an anti-volume or a padlock, and its design can be customized to fit into any establishment.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our sales department!


What type of school furniture is suitable for different types of schools?

Akaze offers a complete range of storage solutions suitable all schools, be it primary schools colleges high schools or'higher schools.

  • For primary schools, colleges and high schools, we recommend the cabinet to visiting school, which allows students to store their books safely, while allowing supervisors and teachers to access them through a central lock. This also helps to empower young students.
  • For higher education institutions, we recommend it classic case, which allows students to store their laptop safely during the lunch break. Teachers will also appreciate this type of practical and functional locker.
  • Our range of storage solutions also includes metal cabinets for sportfor tablets and laptops, as well as shelves shelves, suitable for all types of establishments, primary schools in high schools.
  • Finally, for colleges, high schools and higher schools, our solution parking lot with scooters is a real asset to optimize the space and facilitate the parking of the two wheels.

With Akaze, you will always find a storage solution tailored to your needs, regardless of the size or type of your school.

How to maintain your school furniture?

The storage furniture for school is a key element in ensuring an organized and efficient work environment. However, for these furniture to remain in good condition, it is important to take care of them. The quality school furniture offered by Akaze is made from durable materials, which makes the maintenance easy.

First of all, for them school records, it is recommended to clean them regularly with a wet cloth. Avoid using aggressive chemicals, which can damage the coating. For trolleys for tablets and computers, clean them with a wet cloth and wipe them immediately to avoid traces of water. For library shelves, use a dry cloth to remove the dust. Avoid overloading shelves, as this can damage the supports. For sports cabinets, clean them with a wet cloth and dry them well to avoid smells.

Finally, it is important to maintain one clean storage space and well organized don't let the objects hang out. Storage furniture can only be effective if used correctly and if items are stored instead.

Investing in quality and sustainable school furniture is essential to avoid frequent replacement costs. By taking care of your school furniture Akaze, you can extend its life and guarantee a pleasant and organized work environment for students and teachers

The safety standards of our school furniture

The safety standards for school furniture is essential to ensure the safety of students and teachers.

That's why we propose the school furniture Akaze responding to european security standards the strictest. The reliability of our school storage furniture is guaranteed thanks to a rigorous selection of materials used, as well as careful and thorough manufacturing. We are setting a point of honour to offer sustainable and solid products to ensure a healthy and secure learning environment.

Trust Akaze for your school furniture, your security is our priority.