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  • CARMA SLS 1951-8VA
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  • CARMA SLS 1951-7VA
  • CARMA SLS 1951 T-4VA

Workshop storage cabinet

For a XXL storage space, these shop storage cabinets decline in several models and adapt to each need at best. They do not require any assembly.

We propose 7 cabinet models different storage.

Discover all our metal cabinets.

How to choose the perfect storage cabinet for your workshop?

Home Akaze, we understand the importance of organization efficient in your workspace. This is why we offer a range of 7 models d'storage cabinets specially designed to meet your needs professional needs. Nos cabinets, all measuring 1950 mm high, 1000 mm wide and 540 mm deep, offer a storage capacity unmatched.

Each cabinet model Akaze is carefully configured to fit your specific requirements. You have a choice between drawers shelves and bac, thus allowing for optimal customization. Before making your choice, it is essential to define the specific needs that your wardrobe should fill: storage for tools spaces for your vices storage for large equipment or even compartments for your cans. This approach will guide you towards storage solution ideal for your workshop. If questions remain, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is here to help you make the best decision.

Size of storage cabinets:

  • Height: 1950mm
  • Width: 1000mm
  • Depth: 540mm

Standard equipment:

  • Adjustable shelves
  • Closure 1 point
  • Key lock
  • Number of shelves and drawers vary according to models
  • 17 colors for choice without extra charge

Extension and capacity of cabinets:

  • Extension of drawers 100%
  • Maximum load capacity per shelf of 160kg
  • Maximum load capacity per drawer (100, 125 and 150mm) 160kg
  • Maximum load capacity per drawer (75mm) of 100kg
  • Maximum load capacity of the entire cabinet of 1300kg

The advantages of our storage cabinets for workshop

When you choose one cabinet Akaze, you opt for superior quality and functionality. Our wardrobes are built in robust metal, which gives them a load capacity impressive 1300 kg. Whether you need to store tools, supplies or dangerous products, our cabinets are designed to manage everything.

The security of your property is our priority. All our wardrobes are equipped with swinging doors en stainless steel and robust locks key, guaranteeing the protection of your valuable equipment. No longer need to worry about losses or flights during your absences.

Adaptability is at the heart of our design. With 7 different models, you are sure to find the professional storage cabinet perfect that meets your specific needs. In addition, our wardrobes allow you to keep your workspaces clean and orderly.

Load capacity and unlimited customization

With Akaze, you will not compromise on the storage capacity. Our cabinets can support loads of up to 160 kg per shelf and 100 to 160 kg per drawer, depending on the chosen model. Don't hesitate to ask for advice from our commercials to choose the optimum configuration.

For your cabinets to reflect your style and environment, we offer a range of 17 attractive colors. You also have the possibility of customize your lock and add some adjustable shelves to maximize the'storage space.

Easy maintenance for long-term sustainability

At Akaze, we believe in the sustainability. Nos metal cabinets quality are designed to resist the test of time. Because of their closed, they accumulate less dust than open shelves.

One regular maintenance is recommended to ensure optimal condition. Annual cleaning is usually enough. Use a soft cloth and a natural product to avoid damaging the paint. Take this opportunity to sort your supplies and maintain an organized work environment.

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