Community locker room

Community Jacket: a custom storage solution

If you are looking for a community-friendly storage solution, you are in the right place.

Community Jacket: a custom storage solution

The community vest essential to ensure hygienic environment, organized and secure to your employees or members. Whether you need to store workwear, personal or other business metal dressings are a choice option.

Made from'steel robuste, they are designed to last and are entirely customizable to suit your specific needs. The community changing rooms offer storage solution practical and effective, responding to standards to guarantee the safety of all.

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Why trust Akaze for your community dressing room?

Akaze is your ally for a quality professional dressing room.

Why trust Akaze for your community dressing room?

The akaz community dressing room stands out among our iconic products, offering a variety of options to customize your storage solution. You have the freedom to choose the dimensions, to add options such as compartments, shelves, cintres and even define the colors. Nos wardrobes are designed to meet all your needs, whether for the storage of working clothing, personal effects, or other objects. You also have the possibility to integrate of lockers for one monobloc organization optimal, shelves and even a pedestal for convenience.

With regard to security, we propose variety of locks, including electronic lock code lock, and lock gift door, to guarantee the protection of your property. Plus, our metal dressing rooms are coated epoxy paint high quality for maximum durability. That you're looking for a wardrobe monobloc or a customizable locker, Akaze has the solution'storage spaceideal to meet your specific needs.

Welcome to the Akaze category page dedicated to community changing rooms. If you're looking for a storage solution suitable for your establishment, be it one gym, one school, one company or any other area, you're in the right place.

Different types of dressing room for a community

Nos vestiaires are available and measured, suitable for all communities and various activities. You have a choice between several types of dressing rooms to meet your specific needs.

  • Opt for the industrial, ideal for clean or dirty sectors, or the classic wardrobe metal, with or without separation, depending on your preferences.
  • For barracks and emergency centres, we offer the firefighter en steel sheet, specially designed to meet the needs of these institutions.
  • If you are looking for a solution adapted to schools, offices and public institutions, the multi-case wardrobe or locker cabinet are quite appropriate. You have the freedom to choose the number of lockers per column.
  • For restricted areas, we propose changing room with door in L, one solution room gain which offers two lockers in one.

The metal dressings offered by Akaze stands out their strength and their clever design. They are specially designed to meet storage requirements in environments such as the collective lockers, schools, gyms, or businesses. The monobloc structure guarantees exceptional robustness, which makes them particularly resistant to vandalism. Aeration dressing rooms is carefully studied to ensure effective ventilation, thus avoiding bad odors inside. This characteristic is essential to maintain a clean environment and pleasant.

When you choose your storage cabinet, you have the flexibility to customize its dimensions according to what you want to store. That you need one wardrobe for clothes'shelves for personal effects, hooks to hang accessories, or partitions for organize the compartments, everything is possible. Akaze offers you a range of 17 colours quality epoxy paint, allowing you to select the one that perfectly aligns with your indoor environment.

For those who wish a wardrobe on foot, we also offer this option, offering additional height and one easy cleaning under furniture. These are perforated metal lockers are designed to combine practicality, resistance, and aesthetic, while maintaining a clean and well ventilated environment. Home Akaze, we are convinced that our community changing rooms will meet your storage requirements while combining durability, safety and design.

How to choose your community dressing room?

The choice of your community vest depends on your specific need and the type of activity of your business. If you need to store mainly clothing on cintre, opt for one vestiaire. If you need to small spaces for storage a few personal matters, turn instead towards lockers.

Also set options which best match users. What type of lock is the most suitable? If you have any doubts about this, do not hesitate to consult our website blog post for more advice. Consider other elements such as the presence of feet on your wardrobes, one inclined hair to facilitate the cleaning of the top of the cabinet, one label holder, or tringle to suspend clothes.

Akaze's sales team is at your disposal to answer all your questions and help you choose the community vest best suited to your establishment. With our expertise and our wide range of products quality, we are convinced that you will find the ideal storage solution to meet your needs.

Quality storage solution

In conclusion community vest plays an essential role in'organization and security establishments such as schools, businesses, gyms, and many others.

Akaze, fort of his years of experience in the metal furniture, offers a wide range of custom metal lockers to meet the specific needs of each sector. Trust me Akaze for your metal cabinet, and offer your employees, members and users an environment of quality storage meeting existing standards.