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Lockers and lockers for gyms

A variety of metal lockers for all athletes!

Lockers and lockers for gyms

Discover the range of lockers and lockers Akaze, the reference in metal furniture for more than 20 years. Specially designed for sports halls, sports associations, schools and many others, our range offers a practical solution to simplify the lives of users and guarantee the safety of their personal affairs.

Whether you're looking for individual lockers, collective lockers or custom solutions, Akaze has the answer to your needs. Our explanatory page will guide you to choose the changing room that perfectly matches your expectations.

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Which lockers or changing rooms to choose for your gym?

If you don't know what type of locker opt, contact our sales department!

Which lockers or changing rooms to choose for your gym?

Choose them sports hall lockers suitable can improve user experience and optimize available space. First, determine the number of lockers the number of users required depends on the size of your establishment and the number of users expected. Also consider the different sizes of items to be stored, such as sports bags, shoes, or clothing. The ideal dimensions of lockers must be adapted to these needs.

With regard to locks, favor practical and secure options, such as combination locks or electronic locks.

What are the advantages of a sports locker ?

OnelockerSports is an essential equipment for athletes and athletes. It offers many practical advantages andfunctionalFacilitating the organization and storage ofpersonal effects. .

  • First of all, thesports lockers Akazeare made of metal, which makes them durable andsustainable. I 'm sorry . Themetal lockersAre available in different sizes andconfigurationsTo meet specific user needs. They are also often equipped withhinged doors, ofhingesSolids andlocksTo guarantee the safety ofpersonal effects. .
  • ThelockersAllow sportsmen to storetheir clothesTheir shoes, their accessories andtheir effectsPersonalsafekeeping. I 'm sorry . ThecompartmentsOf thelockersCan be equipped with differentShelvesandtringlesForsuspendClothes.
  • ThelockersSports are also designed to withstand conditionswetAndenvironmentsClean industrial. They are often equipped with systems of'aerationTo allow air circulation and avoid moisture accumulation. Some models can even be equipped with doorsperforatedFor a betterventilation. .
  • With regard to securitylockersSports are equipped withlocks robustAnd reliable. They can be locked using a key, a keycadenasOr through a system oflockingCode. This allows athletes to storetheir effectsIn peace of mind, protecting their property from flights andviolations. .

They offerstorage space secureForpersonal effectsSportsmen, ensuring their safety and organization. Thanks to themsolidity, theircorrosion resistanceAnd their ease of uselockersSports are an ideal choice forvestiairesSport in different sectors of activity, such asgyms, swimming pools, sports clubs, schools and sports facilities in general.

What are the uses of gym lockers and changing rooms?

ThelockersAndvestiairesForgymAre essential elements for ensuringenvironmentOrganized and safe for users. Whether in agym, onefitness club, or evenswimming pool, lockersAndvestiairesPlay an important role in the management of equipment and equipmentpersonal effectsUsers. At Akaze, we design lockers and lockers for all needs.

One sports clothing can be used for several uses in different environments:

  • Private gym: Onelocker cabinet with lock or key doors is ideal. You can completely customize your metal cabinet by choosing the number of lockers per column. For one gym, it is common to propose 2 to 4 lockers by column so that users have sufficient space. If you want to offer lockers with hangers, it is best to choose for 2 lockers per column. You canconfigure your own locker cabinet according to your needs, and we will quickly provide you with a quote.
  • Swimming pool : One locker cabinetWith a lock set is ideal for swimming pools. We advise you to opt for one locker cabinet with 3 to 5 lockers by column.
  • School gym: Onemulti-sport cabinet storage is ideal for schools, because it allows to store all Sports equipments. Often, students do not need their own recorder to store their personal affairs. However, if you wish to offer students a secure space for their business, you can opt for onelocker cabinet with 3 to 5 lockers per column.
  • Sports club (golf, judo, basketball, tennis, etc.): Thedressing in the form of "L" is perfect, because it offers enough space for users to store their business while saving space. This guy vestiaire allows to have2 lockers in one. Thedressing in the form of "L" also allows to suspend clothes on cintre and offers enough personal space. You can choose the type of lock that best suits your needs. You can configure your own locker room in the form of "L" online. Otherwise, onelocker cabinet can also match the needs of your users.

In summary, the choice of sports clothing depends on the specific environment and user needs. That's for one private gyme, one swimming pool, one school or one sports club, there are suitable options, ranging from classic locker cabinets to more specific lockers according to storage and safety requirements.

What kind of lock for my locker for my gym ?

To choose the type of lock for your locker in your gym, there are several options to consider depending on your needs and the preference of your users:

  • Key lock: This is a simple and common option. Each lock is delivered with two keys, allowing the user to lock and unlock the locker easily. However, it is important not to lose the keys, because if both keys are lost, the lock will have to be broken to open the locker.
  • Gift door lock: This option is also popular in gyms. Users must bring their own padlock to close their locker. This gives them the freedom to choose a solid of their choice. You can also consider proposing self-service locks for users who forget theirs. You can find lock suppliers on sites such as
  • Code or electric lock: This type of lock is very practical, because you only need to memorize a code to open the locker. These locks offer quick operation and allow the code to be easily changed when needed. They are considered one of the safest options.
  • Record lock: This option is ideal for places open to the public, such as swimming pools. It requires the insertion of a token or coin to obtain the locker key. This can be practical if you want to set up a deposit system for users.

It's important to consider your users' preferences, locker security, and ease of use when making your choice. feel free to contact our team if you have further questions or need additional help choosing the right lock for your needs.