• Multiply plywood tray
  • CETSTW 113 / H810xL600XP600
  • CETSTW 114 / H810xL600XP600
  • CETSTW 122 / H810xL1200xP600
  • CETSTW 321 / H850xL1200xP600
  • CETSTW 324 / H850xL1200xP600
  • CETSTW 403 / H850xL2000xP750

Metal frame

You are looking for a metallic for your workshop ? Specialized in metal furniture for almost 20 years in France, we distribute established metal of high quality, resistant and functional. They are designed for daily professional use, but can also find their place in individuals. They are perfectly adapted mechanical workshops and dtools any size.

Many combinations ofdevelopment are possible between metal cabinets, tools, desserts.. Offering a great adaptability in organizing your workspaces to have a workshop functional and optimized. The trays are made from highly resistant multiply plywood. Establishments are delivered not mounted and are easy to assemble.

Discover our range workshop furniture.

Discover our metal workshop establishments

Specialized in manufacturing metal structures for nearly 20 years to facilitate daily life andorganization our customers in their workshops. We design fixed metals and modulables, designed for professional use.

L’metallic Akaze is made tailor-made to match your needs perfectly. We offer many combinations ofdevelopment to multiple storage with our various metal furniture: metal cabinet, tools supports, metal shelves, workshop wagons, coffee shop cabinets, tool desserts.

Trust Akaze for thedevelopment of your workshop, it is for you to ensure furniture durable and functional for use professional professional daily.

What is a workshop facility for?

One metallic is one furniture essential in all environment work. The metal frame, be it fixed or mobile, offers a platform solid and robust for a variety of tasks. It is designed to meet the needs of storage and finish finish finish projects. Duty of adjustable drawers and tablets, it allows to store them tools and supplies organized, thus promoting efficiency and productivity.

THE'established workshop can be arranged in a manner modulable to adapt to it'space available. It can be equipped with'metal shelves for more storage and better organization. The height may also be adjusted to correspond to needs ergonomic the user, thus guaranteeing a comfortable work.

Thanks to its solidity and robustness, the metal frame can withstand the most demanding tasks. It offers stable working surface and sustainable to implement projects construction carpentry or other activities requiring a solid basis.

It's in one workshop, one warehouse or even hung on the wall, the workshop establishment is an indispensable element for all professional professional or i'm a drunk.

How do I choose its metal base?

Akaze, accompanies you in your configuration workshop, our great reactivity permanent stock and customization our metal products allow you to best meet your design needs. To ensure one best comfort to your teams, themetallic is an indispensable tool to find in a workshop.

Fixed metal or mobile?

Fixed metal workshop offer a better stability on the ground, allowing for a more secure workstation. The fixed metal frame also allows to have a workspace optimized with storage solutions: door panel tools, coffee cabinet.

Mobile, also called rolling stock or workshop wagon allows a better mobility from your teams within the workshop and enables mobile interventions. The workshop metal trolley allows to carry equipment at different work locations.

The choice of your worktop

Depending on your activity, the surface of your worktop workshop may vary. L’metallic the advantage of being easily washable and allows for significant loads. Our metal structures are equipped with plywood board declined in 17 colours

What dimension do I choose for my metal base?

The establishment being a post, we recommend that you adapt it as much as possible to its user, so that it can benefit from comfortable working height and secure. If you work in a standing position, it is recommended to have a working height of at least 1 metre.

Define the maximum load to be borne by the established

Depending on your model, the maximum supported load will be different. It is therefore important to check with your teams the different loads not to risk an accident. Nos established metal can support up to 15-20kg.


  • Height 810 and 850mm
  • Width 600, 1200, 1600 and 2000mm
  • Depth 600 and 750mm

Find all the dimensions of our 14 metalworks in the downloadable documentation.

Standard equipment:

  • Multiply plywood tray
  • Shelves with maximum load capacity per shelf of 15 or 20kg depending on models
  • 17 colors for choice without extra charge

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