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Outdoor bicycle and scooter charging lockers

The external lockerss are designed for recharge the batteries of bicycles and scooters electric.

They can be used both indoors and outdoors as each locker has one waterproof (class IP54).

Its compartments are spacious enough to charge the batteries and store some additional accessories. The cabinet has adjustable feet that can be equipped with fixations for the floor. Its overflowing roof protects the cabinet from the weather. Invisible hinges protect it from breaks and give it a modern design.

Discover our rechargeable record range.

Technical information on recharge lockers:

Dimensions of the cabinet:

  • Height 1855mm
  • Width 484mm
  • Depth 633mm

Standard equipment:

  • Exist in 5 or 8 lockers
  • Delivered ready to install, requires no assembly
  • Each locker is equipped with an IP54 electric socket
  • Floor mounting brackets included
  • Available in 16 colors without price supplement
  • 2 locks for choice: electronic lock or key lock

Technical specifications:

  • The cabinet must be connected to a 230 V socket with 16 Amperes protection.

Integrated squares to fix the cabinet to the ground

Casiers de Recharge Vélo et Trottinette : The Alliance of Soft Mobility and Security

The bike charging and scooter are the ideal solution to encourage soft mobility while ensuring the safety of your users. At Akaze, we designed metal recharge cabinets that blend harmoniously in all urban environments, while offering a choice of 16 colors to customize your urban furniture. Discover how our charging lockers work and explore their many advantages.

How does the cabinet work?

Use of our recharge lockers is of a disconcerting simplicity. You just need to connect the cabinet to an electrical socket and your users will only have to open one recorder for plug their electric bike battery or their electric scooter charger. Plus, ours charging cabinets also enable charging other electrical appliances such as computers, phones and tablets, simply using their own charger.

Home Akaze, we put our expertise in metal furniture at the service of your users' safety, for more than 20 years.

Who are the charging lockers?

Nos recharge lockers field are adapted to a multitude of sectors, whether they are communities, schools, businesses, large areas or welcoming public places such as municipal pools or private roomss. If you are looking to promote soft mobility while offering a convenient charging service, our charging cabinets are the ideal solution.

Where to install the bike and scooter charging stations?

The location of your refill lockers for bike and scooter is crucial to ensuring comfort of your users. They can be installed outside, under a preau or even inside buildings. To ensure the best comfort in case of rain, we recommend that you opt for a small preau, thus offering users the possibility to recharge their device safely.

Our lockers are specially designed for withstand the weather thanks to waterproof sockets normal IP54, and their structure galvanized steel plate ensures optimal protection against attempts to erase, reinforced by invisible hinges.

What are the benefits of electrified lockers?

Nos charging cabinets stand out by their customization, with a choice of 16 different colors to adapt to your urban environment. Available in versions 5 and 8 lockers, they resist weather, making it a practical choice for users of soft mobility. By encouraging the use of responsible means of transport, our lockers contribute to the preservation of the urban environment.

Ask for a quote Lock by key lock


At Akaze, we offer you the choice between two types of locks for your charging cabinet: the electronic closure for modern and secure management, or the key closure, ideal for more traditional use according to your specific needs.

In summary, Akaze's bike and scooter recharger is the perfect addition to your urban furniture. Offering safety, practicality, and encouragement of soft mobility, they meet the needs of communities, businesses and welcoming places of the public. Choose modernity while preserving the environment with our electrified charging cabinets, weather-resistant, for safe and efficient storage of your electrical appliances. Opt for Akaze and offer your users the reload with confidence.

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