Maintain and clean its metal cabinet: practical advice to preserve its condition

juin 26, 2023

The metal cabinet is a versatile furniture that finds its place in various environments such as offices, garages, industries, etc. To ensure efficient and sustainable storage, it is essential to maintain your metal cabinet regularly.

In this article, we will present you a comprehensive guide for the maintenance and cleaning of your metal cabinet, providing you with practical advice and recommendations.


1. Different types of metal cabinets and their uses

Metal cabinets are available in a variety of models and sizes tailored to different needs. Here is an overview of the various metal cabinet variants available on the market:

  • Shelves cabinets: These cabinets are ideal for the storage of office supplies, DIY equipment, chemicals, etc.
  • Cupboards: They offer convenient storage for small objects such as tools, electronic accessories, documents, etc.
  • Wardrobes: These cabinets are used in dressing rooms for the storage of clothes and personal effects.
  • Industrial cabinets: They are designed to meet the specific storage needs of industrial environments, with features such as reinforced doors and secure compartments.

It is important to choose a cabinet adapted to your specific storage needs to ensure optimal use.


2. Tips for regular maintenance of your metal cabinet

Regular maintenance is essential to maintain your metal cabinet in good condition. Here are some practical tips for regular maintenance:

  • Periodic inspection of the general state of the cabinet: Regularly check the state of shelves, drawers, handles, locks, etc. Replace any defective or damaged parts.
  • Cleaning of metal surfaces: Use a soft, non-abrasive cloth to remove dust and stains on metal surfaces. Avoid using aggressive chemicals that could damage the coating.
  • Maintenance of drawers and shelves: Grape the rails of the drawers regularly to ensure a smooth movement. Repair slip problems or replace worn parts if necessary.
  • Prevention of corrosion and rust: Apply a protective coating on metal surfaces exposed to moisture or corrosive environments. Use anti-rust bags in the cabinet to absorb moisture and protect its contents.

3. Security standards to be met

The safety of your goods and documents is paramount when it comes to the use of a metal cabinet. Here are some important points to consider:

  • Use of secure locks: Choose a metal cabinet equipped with quality locks to ensure the safety of its contents. If the lock is damaged or does not work properly, repair or replace it immediately.
  • Protection of valuables and sensitive documents: Use lockable compartments or sealed envelopes to store value objects or sensitive documents inside the cabinet. This restricts access to these articles.


4. In-depth cleaning techniques

In addition to regular maintenance, it is recommended to carry out a thorough cleaning of your metal cabinet from time to time. Here are some tips for in-depth cleaning:

  • Cleaning shelves and drawers: Remove shelves and drawers from the cabinet and clean them individually. Use suitable and environmentally friendly cleaning products to eliminate tenacious residues and accumulated dirt.
  • Prevention of scratches and damage: When cleaning, use soft cloths or non-abrasive sponges to avoid scratching metal surfaces. Also avoid aggressive chemicals that could damage the protective coating of the cabinet.


Regular maintenance and proper cleaning of your metal cabinet guarantee its proper operation and extend its lifespan. Following the advice and recommendations presented in this article, you can maintain your metal cabinet in excellent condition and ensure its long-term functionality.

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