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The company Akaze was founded in 2003 by the desire to offer quality metal furniture to professionals. Akaze brings some of the production in-house to Saint Macaire in Mauges in Maine et Loire in its workshop. Akaze designs cabinets, lockers, and metal lockers for all professionals: schools, communities, sports facilities, industries, workshops...

Why choose Akaze? Because it means choosing metal furniture made from robust galvanized steel and opting for a wide range of products

the of Akaze

Creation of the company Akaze.
Investment and renovations in the current premises at Saint Macaire in Mauges.
Acquisition of a plot of land for the construction of a warehouse in Saint Macaire en Mauges.
Implementation of a cabinet renovation service within the workshop.

What is the group?

In recent years, Akaze has decided to diversify its investments by partnering with new companies operating in complementary fields. This led to the creation of the AKH group, an initiative that paves the way for a wide range of furniture solutions for businesses.

By joining these new companies, Akaze sought to expand its skills and product offerings, while leveraging synergies between the different activities. This approach reflects Akaze's ongoing commitment to providing complete and tailored solutions to its customers, while exploring new opportunities to strengthen its expertise in the corporate furniture sector.

Gabriel Robez

With nearly 50 years of experience, the company was the originator of the first shoe drying system in the 1980s. Having acquired significant expertise, Gabriel Robez designs and manufactures high-quality drying cabinets.

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Art Prog

Founded in 1949, Art Prog manufactures and markets office furniture, chairs, and desks, for communities, professionals, and individuals alike. The superior products it offers promise optimal ergonomics.

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