How to choose a school recorder for your school?

avril 19, 2023

The school recorder is an essential storage solution for schools. It allows students and teachers to store business, facilitate the organization of school space and improve safety in schools. But how to choose the best school recorder for your school?

In this article we give you tips to make the best choice and optimize your arrangement.

Casiers scolaires visitables Akaze

The criteria for choosing a school record

Before choosing a school record, it is important to establish a budget and determine the storage needs. You must also take into account the degree of safety you want for your school record and the durability of the record

Types of record for schools

There are different types of school lockers, each with its advantages and disadvantages. ?

The visiting school lockers allow teachers to monitor the use of lockers by students thanks to the option to open all lockers with a pass key. You have the option to choose the number of lockers in height, the less you have your locker will be large and you will be able to dedicate enough storage space.

On the other hand, locker cabinets classics are best suited to older students who do not need a pass key. For this type of locker you have the possibility to add options like a rod to so affix ceintre. A real gain of space since you can store your school supplies, coat, books...

At Akaze we also offer rechargeable lockers for tablets and for computers in schools where these electronic tools are used regularly. So you can store and recharge at the same time.

The dimensions of the school recorder

The size of school lockers is also an important consideration. The height of the locker must be chosen according to the size of the users, while the width will depend on the number of lockers you need.

To give you an order of ideas, at Akaze our visiting school lockers are offered in two heights: 1580 mm or 1800 mm. ?

Options for school recorder

Key lock or lock door options are common for school lockers. ?

It is possible to install metal feet on your metal cabinet to slightly raise it. This option is recommended if you plan to place your school lockers outside, under a preau, and you fear flooding problems.

The school locker can also be fitted with compartments to delineate the spaces and facilitate the storage of personal affairs.

Customize the school record like your school

Akaze offers a variety of colors for school lockers, at no extra cost. You have the opportunity to customize lockers according to the colors of your institution and thus reflect your identity. The lockers are available in different colors, which allows you to choose the one that best matches the aesthetics of your school.

In conclusion, school lockers are an essential storage solution for students and teachers in schools. It is important to take into account general criteria, different types of lockers, size, customization options and modular models to make the best choice of storage cabinet. If you are looking for a company specializing in school lockers, Akaze is a company recognized for its expertise in storage solutions, such as shelves, student lockers and school storage lockers, for schools and colleges.


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