Hook for workshop trolleys
  • Hook for workshop trolleys
  • Tool holders for workshop wagons
  • Metal boxes for workshop trolleys
  • PVC boxes for workshop wagons
  • Drawer divider for workshop trolleys

Accessories for workshop wagons

To perfectly meet every need for storage and optimally organize your workshop, many accessories are compatible with workshop trolleys.

Discover our range workshop furniture.

Crochets for workshop wagons

They allow you to suspend many tools or objects, making the wagons even more convenient. They're fast fixing. These hooks include: a simple hook, short (50mm) or long (150mm) and a double hook, in two lengths as well (50 and 150mm).

Tool holders for workshop wagons

Like the hooks, they allow to suspend many tools and are easily fixed by screws. These supports include: a flat key support (10 maximum keys), a screwdriver support (6 maximum screwdriver), a foret support (12 maximum forets), brackets in the form of brackets for various tools.

Metal boxes for workshop wagons

They are ideal for organizing your drawers and storage spaces in a sustainable way.

PVC boxes for workshop wagons

Indispensable for sorting and organizing small pieces, they are available in five colors and in two different heights: 45 and 63mm. Red storage box, square size, measurement 54x54mm. The yellow box, rectangle format, measurement 54x108mm. The blue box, square format, measurement 108x108mm. The green box, rectangle format, measurement 108x162mm. The grey box, rectangle format, measurement 108x216mm.

Drawer separator for workshop wagons

Perfect to organize your drawers and sort the small pieces, the drawer separators are available in three different heights: 70mm, 95mm and 145mm. Three different versions exist. Model A, with two rows in width and 5 in length, offers 10 storage spaces. Model B offers 20 storage spaces with four rows in width and five in length. The model C has two small rows in width and a larger, and five rows in length, offering 15 storage spaces, five larger and 10 narrower.

Paper recorder and receptacle

Allows to store and make optimal use of paper and wiper rollers in the workshops.

Rubber for tray

Rubber carpets are non-slip and soundproofing, providing additional comfort to use. It has lateral edges to avoid falling objects.

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