E-kaze smartphone charging cabinet
  • E-kaze smartphone charging cabinet
  • Code lock with key decoding (key optional)
  • Ekaze blue smartphone cabinet
  • Cable charger telephone

E-Kaze cabinet

Reload up to 4 smartphones safely!

THE'e-kaze cabinet is electrified and recharge a smartphone per locker, via 3 different adapters : Lightning, USB-C and micro USB. Doors can be full or adjourned for better ventilation. Each of them is equipped with a 4-digit electronic lock in set mode, unlockable by key (optional key).

The bottom locker is reserved for the technical part.

THE'secure wardrobe for smartphone from Akaze is made of 8/10th electrozing sheet for the body and 10/10th for the doors, which assures it a great solidity! The electrical components of the cabinet are CE certified.

The e-Kaze cabinet is available in version 9 lockers on request.

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  • Height 865mm
  • Width 300mm
  • Depth 150mm

Standard equipment:

  • 4 back holes for wall mounting, screws not supplied
  • Electric power supply 230V classic, consumption 40W
  • 3 sockets with Lightning, USB-C and micro USB adapters per case
  • Doors adjourned or full (choice to order)
  • A manual is displayed on each door (adhesive)
  • Hinges for opening at 90°
  • Code lock with key unlock (optional key)
  • 14 colors to choose without extra
  • Color paneling possible between cabinet body and doors

What is a secure smartphone cabinet?

The secure smartphone cabinet is a combination of Akaze's expertise acquired over the past 20 years in the manufacture of solid and durable secure cabinets and lockers, as well as technology. These secure cabinets for mobile phones offer users the possibility to charge their smartphone safely, wherever they are, without fear of getting it stolen.

Each locker is equipped with a code lock, allowing you to leave your phone in charge during your activities such as a race, a meal or a sports session. In addition, these secure lockers are equipped with charging cables.

Who is the secure smartphone cabinet?

THE'secure cabinet for smartphones is ideal for businesses, communities, swimming pools, libraries, restaurants, large areas, etc. It is a practical solution for public places where we welcome people from the world. Just open one recorder, plug her in mobile phone to recharge it. L'secure cabinet akaze is equipped with 3 adapters (Lightning, USB-C and micro USB) to load all types of smartphones.

The dimensions of the cabinet allow you to place it anywhere without bulking your premises. Users will enjoy this charging service for their phone.

How to connect a secure smartphone cabinet?

To connect a secure smartphone cabinet, you must follow the following steps:

  • Choose location: select an appropriate location for the secure cabinet. Make sure there is enough space to easily access it and there is an electrical outlet nearby.
  • Wall mounting: you have the option to attach your secure cabinet to the wall, use the appropriate screws and ankles to securely fix it. Make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for wall mounting.
  • Power supply: connect the power cord from the secure cabinet to an electrical outlet. Check that the power voltage corresponds to the specifications indicated on the secure cabinet.
  • Placement of smartphones: open the secure cabinet and place your smartphones inside. Make sure to follow the instructions of the secure cabinet to securely and safely store the appliances.

It is important to follow the specific instructions provided with your Akaze secure cabinet. If you encounter difficulties, do not hesitate to contact us.

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