How do I repair my metal cabinet?

nov. 2, 2023

The renovation one metal cabinet may seem complicated, but with the right tools and techniques, it is possible to transform this piece of furniture in an attractive and functional object. If you are looking to restore life to your metal cabinet, follow these key steps for one successful renovation.

Step 1: Preparation

The first step of renovation of your metal cabinet is to prepare the surface. Start by emptying the cabinet and remove shelves if necessary. Use a wet cloth to dust the surface of the cabinet and make sure it's dry. This step ensures better adhesion of the new paint.

Step 2: Decapage

To remove all the painting or the varnish existing, you can use chemical background specially designed metal surfaces. Follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully for safe use. Once the decapant is applied, use one metal scraper or of a hair brush hard to remove residues. This step is essential to achieve a smooth and uniform surface.

Step 3: Sanding

Once the cabinet is outdated, it's time to smooth the metal surface. Use fine grain abrasive paper to remove imperfections and create a uniform surface for application the new painting. The sanding is crucial to achieving an impeccable result.

Step 4: Preview

Before we go the painting, apply a primer layer specially designed for metal surfaces. The primer helps the paint to adhere correctly and prevents future swabs. Use a brush or roll for a uniform application, thus ensuring a solid base for the new color.

Step 5: Painting

Once the prime is dry, you can start painting the cabinet. Choose a specially formulated paint metal surfaces, like acrylic paint or aerosol paint. Apply several layers of paint, leaving each layer dry completely before applying the following. Use a brush or roll to obtain a smooth and uniform finish.

Step 6: Finish

After finishing the painting, you can add additional finishes to protect and embellish the wardrobe. For example, you can apply a coat of varnish to give a glossy or satin look to your restored furniture. For a custom style, consider adding handles or moulds that will improve the aesthetics of the cabinet.

Step 7: Assembly

Once all paint layers and finish are completely dry, it is time to reassemble the cabinet by replacing shelves and installing the handles if necessary. You'll be happy to see how your metal cabinet has been transformed into an attractive furniture and functional.

By following these steps, you are able to renovate your metal cabinet and give her a second life. To guarantee durable and aesthetic results, make sure you choose renovation products high quality. With a little patience and effort, you can enjoy restored furniture which will bring a touch of freshness to your space.


Repair and renovation a metal cabinet damaged or aging are quite feasible with the right methods. Follow this guide Akaze step by step, you can transform your metal case in one appealing furniture and functional that will complement your space in an elegant way.

So, prepare your tools, choose the colors that match your style, and let your creativity run free to restore this metal furniture and give her a new life in your interior.

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