How to properly organize your metal locker?

oct. 6, 2023

The organization of his metal locker is essential, whether at school, at work, at the swimming pool, at the restaurant, or even at the gym. In this article, we will explore the secrets of a metal locker perfectly organized, highlighting the akaze flagship products, as well as the different locks available to ensure the safety of your business

The cabinet with bulged doors

Choose the right type of locker

To get started, it is crucial to choose the type of locker which best fits your needs. Home Akaze, we propose a variety of metal lockers for different contexts of use. If you wish to be advised by one of our experts in metal furniture, , contact us via our form.

1. Metal locker cabinet

The metal lockers are perfect for a industrial use or in demanding environments. They are robust, , sustainable and can resist daily wear. Ideals for the storage of personal affairs, books, clothes... These are locker cabinets are customizable, you can choose dimensions, colors as well as options. Discover our locker cabinets with curved doors.

2. MDF door locker cabinet

The mDF door lockers offer a more elegant aesthetic and are ideal for a home environment desk or restaurant. Their neat design fits harmoniously into any decor. You have the possibility to choose the dimensions as well as the options.

3. Superposable individual locker ?

For an impeccable organization, the individual juxtaposable lockers are the solution. They are perfect for offices, schools, gyms or even at the pool. You can customize them to meet your specific needs.

4. Locker to recharge the appliances ?

In a world where electronic appliances are omnipresent, one charging locker is essential. Perfect for schools and workplaces, it ensures that your aircraft and ready for employment and charging scooters and electric bikes.

5. Food helmet ?

The food lockers or canteen lockers are essential for offices and communities. They provide the staff with store their lunches shelter until they break. They are small and allow store cell phones personal.

Canteen helmets

Internal fitting of the locker

Once you have chosen the type of locker that suits you, it's time to think about her interior design. Here are some tips to optimize your storage space! ?

Shelves and potters for efficient storage

The shelves allow you to divide the space of your metal case in sections, ideal for storing books, notebooks, folders or even boxes. The potatoes, for them, are perfect for to suspend jackets, bags or accessories. A mirror can also be added for an extra touch of convenience.

Aeration and ventilation to avoid unpleasant smells

Nobody likes to open her locker to be welcomed by an unpleasant smell. Make sure you have aeration and ventilation adequate to avoid this problem. One well ventilated locker is a happy locker !

Storage stockings, rods and hangers for optimal organization

For metal lockers for clothing, use storage stock, of the tringles and hangers to maximize available space. You can keep your outfits impeccable and ready to wear. A real comfort for your employees !

Specific use in context

The way you organize your metal locker depends greatly on the context in which you use it. Here are some tips for different environments:

School recorder??

For Students, it's important to have one locker well organized to store your books, notebooks and school supplies. Use Shelves to separate your courses, and don't forget to have a space for your personal business. One well-ranked recorder can help you stay organized throughout the school year.

School visiting staff

Casier at work??

Aunt office, use your locker to keep your documents, files and personal belongings in order. The shelves can help you sort your papers, while the potatoes can accommodate your jackets and bags. One organized will allow you to work more effectively.

Locker at the pool? ♀

For those who attend piscine, un storage locker well ventilated is essential to store your bathing suits and spare clothing. Make sure you have shelves for your toiletries and of hooks for your towels. One locker dry is a must after a good swimming session !

Locker for catering staff

In the sector restoration, organization is the key. Use of lockers is important for your staff, sometimes equipped with small spaces the locker cabinet is ideal for you. You can choose to several lockers on a single column.

Industrial locker ?

In one industrial environment, THE lockers are often used to store tools and equipment. Choose from sturdy metal lockers which can resist the rigour of the industry. Use shelves and drawers for one optimal organization your tools. A well-organized locker can improve the productivity of your workshop.

Different locks available

Finally, to ensure security of your business, it is important to choose the good lock. At Akaze we offer several options to meet your specific needs.

Electronic lock ?

There electronic lock offers a high level of security with customizable codes. Ideal for individual lockers or collective. Make sure your property is safe with this state-of-the-art technology.

Code lock

The code lock is practical and without key. You can customize your code for more security. Perfect for lockers in schools, gyms and offices. No need to worry about losing your keys !

Key lock ?

There key lock is a traditional option but reliable. Perfectly suitable for individual lockers. Make sure you keep your key safe to not risk losing it.

Lock ?

The lock is ideal for places frequent passages, such as swimming pools or amusement parks. It offers basic security while guaranteeing quick and easy access.


In conclusion, you used a locker at school, at work, at the pool, at the restaurant, or in an industrial environment, the organization is the key to success. Choose the good type of metal locker, make it smart, and choose to the lock that corresponds best for your needs. At Akaze, we are here to help you organize your life with style and security !

Invest in quality lockers, and you will be amazed at the difference that it can make in your daily life. Do not hesitate to browse our range of products to find the perfect locker for you. Your life will be more organized, more efficient and joyful !


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