What Accessories for an Industrial Jacket?

janv. 16, 2024

The industrial clothing, often reduced to their simple storage function, are in fact crucial areas for organisation and safety in working environments. Home Akaze, we offer a complete range accessories for industrial lockers, designed to transform these spaces into functional, comfortable and secure places. These accessories are essential when requesting a quote for a customized solution.

Accesoires vestiaire industriel akaze

The obligation of changing rooms in certain sectors

The vestiaires are not only storage areas, but essential tools in many industrial sectors. For some areas, as construction or agroalimentary, it is mandatory to provide employees with vestiaire for y store their work clothes and personal effects. This obligation underlines the importance of well equipped, not only for comfort but also to respect safety standards and hygiene.

To learn more about this obligation, you can consult our blog post on Regulation of business lockers in 2023.

Definition of an Industrial locker room

One industrial cabinet, often made in robust metal, is storage solution durable and durable, designed to withstand wear and tear and the harsh conditions of industrial environments. The metal cabinets and akaze monobloc lockers offer significant room gain while being modular to adapt to different arrangements.

Essential Accessories for Industrial Jacket

Prevent the deposit of objects on the metal dressings, thus increasing security and facilitating maintenance. Different inclined roof hairs are available at Akaze, adapted to the dimensions of your metal cabinet.

Available in classic versions or with wardrobe, they offer a comfortable space to change. The akaz benches include options with potatoes simple or double foldable benches for small spaces and benches at square or rounded ends.

Ideal for wetland environments, this base prevents water contact with metal and prevents corrosion. Akaze propose des retractable benches for one space gain, as well as robust fixed benches and solids.

From key lock classic to electronic closure system, Akaze offers various closure options to secure personal effects. If you hesitate between different locks, we invite you to consult our blog post on how to choose the lock of his dressing room?

Accesoires vestiaire industriel akaze

Optimization of Space with Vestiary Accessories

  • Shelves and compartments:

These accessories maximise storage space and help maintain the orderly locker room. Think about adding shelves or of vertical separators to differentiate the clean business of the dirty.

  • Patères et Cintre :

The potatoes add a practical feature to suspend bags or other accessories. Integrate one hanger bar with included hangers is an option thought by Akaze to allow users to suspend their working clothing organized.

Accessories for industrial wardrobes: when robust rime with practicality

At Akaze, we understand that solidity and sustainability are essential for industrial clothing. That is why our products, whether in stainless steel or in stainless steel robust metal, are designed to resist the rigors of industrial environments. Our wide range of products ensures greater longevity and resistance, while offering a space gain and one optimal arrangement.

Tringles and other accessories for efficient storage

The tringles, an integral part of vestiaires, are designed to resist daily use and support the weight of working clothing. They are a key element in the organization and effectiveness of storage in industrial clothing.

Customization of changing rooms to fit your space

Adaptability is a key factor in designing industrial clothing. Home Akaze, we offer the possibility of customize changing rooms so that they perfectly meet the specific needs of your space. It's about specific dimensions particular configurationss or modular storage solutions, we ensure that every industrial locker room is perfectly adapted to its environment.

Configure your dressing room

to conclude

Investing in quality accessories for your industrial is essential to ensure the functionality, security and comfort of space. With Akaze, you have the guarantee to find durable storage solutions, robust and perfectly adapted to your industrial needs.

Feel free to contact us to customize your industrial locker room and make the most of your workspace.