What are the different types of metal dressing?

déc. 6, 2023

The metal dressing is much more than a simple storage furniture ;it is an essential element in the professional daily, ensuring the safety of personal effects and promoting organization without fault.

Home Akaze, we understand the importance of this masterpiece and we offer you a diversified range of metal dressing, combining practicality and design.

In this article, let's explore in detail different types of metal lockers offered by Akaze, responding to various needs within companies. If you are interested in this article, please consult our category page metal dressing.

Metal jacket: an essential reminder

Before exploring our range in detail, let's go back to the fundamental definition of a metal dressing. This is one metal cabinet specially designed to offer a secure storage space intended for the personal effects of employees, thus promoting  for organized and efficient change space .

These metal changing rooms are frequently equipped with several compartments, rods facilitating the suspension of clothing and shelves to order personal objects. Robustness and sustainability are key criteria for long-term use, choice metal, including steel, fully justifies itself as an optimal material meeting this functional requirement.

An obligation for certain companies

It is essential to emphasize that the establishment of metal dressing within companies is not simply an option, but often a legal obligation. Indeed compliance with safety standards and hygiene at work is a major concern, and laws governing these aspects vary across countries and sectors of activity.

Extract from section L4228-9 of the French Labour Code: "The employer shall make available to workers a premises for the filing of work clothes and personal items, as well as for the taking of meals." This article of the French Labour Code is clear as to the obligation to provide a space dedicated to the deposit of work clothes and personal objects. Metal dressings thus become an essential component of the development of professional spaces, contributing to compliance with existing laws.

Excerpt from Article 3 of Decree No. 92-1313 of 15 December 1992 on provisions for the adaptation of workplaces to workers with disabilities: "Personal facilities, including changing rooms, refectories, rest facilities, must be accessible to workers with disabilities." This provision emphasizes the importance of the accessibility of lockers, demonstrating that their design must also take into account the specific needs of workers with disabilities.

Thus, the installation of metal dressings in companies is not only a matter of comfort, but also a legal requirement to ensure safety, well-being and equity in the professional environment.

The diversity of Akaze metal dressing

Clean industry locker room

For environments where cleanliness is of vital importance clean industry locker room akaze is an optimal solution. Robust and functional, it ensures an impeccable space dedicated to work clothes and personal effects.

This dressing room is provided a towel and a shelf, thus offering a perfect organization for personal effects and professional clothing. It is particularly suitable for people who prefer to hang their clothes.

Available in two widths, 300 and 400 mm, this dressing room can also be obtained in one variety of colours (see product page for more information).

Dirty industry jacket with separation

When professional activity frequently generates dirt, a vertical separation in each locker offers the possibility to separate storage of city clothing work clothes. Each locker has a rod in its two compartments, as well as a high shelf extending over the entire width. In addition, these dressing rooms are also equipped with an additional rod and shelf.

Available in two widths, 300 and 400 mm, these changing rooms can be customized with a variety of colors (see product page for more information).

L/place door jacket

For restricted areas, the akaze's L-door dressing room turns out to be a clever and compact solution. Perfectly suited to small environments, it optimizes efficiency the organization while ensuring a significant space economy.

The changing rooms with doors in L offer storage capacity for two people in a single column 300 or 400 mm wide, representing an undeniable advantage: the gain of space ! Their compact character makes it an ideal option the development of small spaces.

Metal frame doors in L

Vestiaire "sport"

Designed specifically for sports environments or small spaces this type of Akaze locker room allow two to five boxes on one column, allowing users to store their sports equipment in an orderly manner.

The metal lockers proposed are monobloc welded and made of electrozing plate. The internal cabinets are made with large perforations in part high allowing free air circulation.

Available in 17 colours, to you to panic and create the configuration that looks like you !

Two-box metal jacket

Acrylic door locker

For quick and easy identification, the akaze plexi door locker offers optimal visibility on its content. Practical and aesthetic, it simplifies the professional daily life.

These are cabinets are composed of a steel metal structure high quality and doors with panels Plexiglas 4mm thick, ensuring high resistance and visibility of the occupancy level of lockers and their contents. The cabinet is lockable with a lock 1 serial point, other closure systems are possible.

Nos plexiglas door cabinets are available in two widths: 300 and 400mm. They range from 1 to 3 columns (400 mm width) and 1 to 4 columns (300 mm width).


Adapted to the specific needs of the firefighters, the akaze fire station ensure a secure storage specialized equipment, thus contributing to the responsiveness and efficiency of these professionals.

Thought to facilitate the life of the rescuers firefighter's locker has many equipment which make it very practical and facilitate the daily life. The firefighter is offered in two widths: 500 and 950mm, single or double version.

Metal fire brigade

Sechanting jacket

OUR sechanting metal dressing has been designed to dry clothes, shoes and gloves and thus ensure unmatched comfort for all people working in sometimes difficult conditions. This system is essential for the outside workers, such as construction sites, road or road works, railways, airports, mines, refrigeration environments, ski resorts and many others

The sechanting vest has one evacuation pipe of condensation cleared by the drying system and are equipped with programmator or timer.

The metal dressing is available from 1 to 4 modules in width 300mm, and from 1 to 3 modules in width 400mm

To conclude

Each model of our range is available in different configurations, with options such as metal lock 1 door, , metal lock 2 doors, , Adjustable shelves, , tringles, aeration effective, feet stabilizers, and quality finishes ensuring the durability and robustness of our wardrobes.

In conclusion, the metal dressings Akaze adapts to the specific needs of each company, offering a tailor-made solution for an optimal organization. Invest in quality and functionality with Akaze to guarantee secure and well-organized working environment.


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