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sept. 19, 2023

Akaze your specialist in metal furniture for more than 20 years presents his selectionfurniture for mobility. . In a ever-changing world, we understood the growing importance ofSoft mobility and its positive impact on the environment. It is crucial that structures adapt to this trend by putting in place devices to facilitate gentle mobilityWhile ensuring the safety of your equipment.

Secure storage and easy charging

HomeAkaze, we offer you a range of innovative products to meet your mobility needs while offering you peace of mind.

The parking lot with scooters

Imagine a place where you canpark up to 10 scooters safely. That's what our scooter parking lot offers. You can hang it with it your own lockFor additional protection. Don't worry about leaving your scooter unattended !

It is essential to make itparking of scooterseasily accessible for users. The scooter parking can be placed in a reserved parking space or under a shelter forProtect the scooters from the weather. It is important that the parking lot be firmly attached to the ground to ensure optimal safety and avoid flights.

The cabinet Vigicube

For internal storage, ourvigicube cabinetIs an ideal solution. It is equipped with a high safety electronic lockTo guarantee the protection of your scooters. In addition, this wardrobe offers thepossibility of charging your electronic devicesSuch as your phone, your computer or even the battery of your electric bike.

The wardrobe is equipped withSeveral electrical outlets, which allows charging multiple devices simultaneously. You can rechargeAll types of catchas long as you have the adapter (Apple, Usb-c...). In addition, the cabinet retains its main utility which is ofStore personal belongings, in addition to charging you can store clothes, books, bags...

The outer electrified cabinet

If you prefer an outdoor storage space, ourcabinet with electrified lockersIs designed to meet your needs. You cansafely rechargeYour bike batteries, scooters or other electronic devices. Our locks are reliable and solid, which allows you to leave your devices quietly. Each locker has onewaterproof(class IP54).

Customization to meet your needs

Home Akaze, we understand that every space is unique, that is why our furniture is fully customizable to fit your specific needs.

Explore our products on our and do not hesitate to contact us for all your questions. We are at your side to create a greener and more practical world.


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